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Yajur Veda Thrikala Sandhyavandanam in tamil pdf

I am trying to restart the habit of doing the sandhyavandanam. I am practising with the "Trikala Yajurveda Sandhyavandanam" book. However, I have doubt in what direction each of the parts like achamanam, sankalpam, etc(all sub parts) to be performed based on the time when i do the sandhyavandanam for all the three periods of the day.

Also, If anyone can share the pdf of Trikala Yajurveda Sandhyavandanam in tamil
please send your whatsapp number
Glad to note that there is a concern for doing sandya vandanam. Can any one tell as why should one do sandya vandanam and what are its benefits?
Am disappointed that there is no response to my query. Perhaps my query might have been seen as a foolish one or ignored or that our people may be pondering to find the right explanation befitting the foolish mind. I think doing sandyavandanam regularly is as important as doing / parcticing drills / parade for a soldier. It is more for tuning ones mind / character / proficiency than any thing else. Am I right ? please offer your comments.
Take help of ஆத்து வாத்தியார் even for ஹிரண்ய ஸ்ராத்தம். நாலு ப்ராம்ணாளுக்கு தட்சணையாக 2000 ரூபா வரை செலவாகும். இருந்தாலும் பரவாயில்லை.80000 கொடுத்து mac book வாங்கும் போது........
Have anyone translated to Sandya Vandanam from Sanskrit Mantrangal to simple Tamil. I want to understand meaning and do the same. I am not interested in Sanskrit script to Tamil script. If any one has it please email [email protected]. Any cost I am ready to pay.
Can some one give Tamil version of 'Dakshinamurthy dyana
stotsram ' of Shri Sadasiva Brahmendra.?
Sir, I am a Novice in sloka and stotras. But found a link (from a blog of http://ctraghavan.blogspot.com/2018/10/dakshinamoorthy-dhyana-stotram-audio.html)
for Audio as well as Sanskrit lyrics of this Sloka which you please check.

The links are as under:-


The Sanskrit lyrics :
Dear Ramalakshmi Jayaraman and Sundar Pichumani,
I'm not sure about tamil version of sandhyavandanam in pdf format. but there should be some link within the forum itself which somebody can point to the thread here.
But, if your concern is only how to learn and if you are ok with english and/or sanskrit. there is an app in the play store with the name "Sandhyavandam" from the developer "Mahastro".
You can try that. Its really very well designed to provide the user to use the app as a real tutor. It has audio instructions to guide, recites the mantra's with a pause for you to repeat, Also it gives meaning of the mantras and gives you instructions to follow step by step. More importantly, it has a very clear picture representation of the procedures. It will be of immense help to any beginner or even an advanced users to get clarified with few glitches if they had any. Its a thorough app as a guide. Try and lemme know if you purpose is served.
Best wishes.
Sarvam Krishnaarpanam.
This App flashes a message that it was made for a older version of Android and might not work as expected.
In olden days brahmanans could read Sanskrit in DevaNagari, and earlier in Grantham. Reading sandyavandana vidhanam and mantras in tamil script without diacritics will be "sukkumoḷagutippili". Learning Nagari requires just a little effort and very availing.
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