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What foods constitute "Jaathi Dushtam"

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But why three times?

Any reason?

BTW I found out why that strange rule of men to face being arrested if they stare at a female for more than 14 seconds? Remember?

It seems that in the animal kingdom a stare among animals beyond 14 seconds means intimidation and invite for fight or impending attack.

Therefore same rules apply for a human male too!LOL
Dear Renu,

Three seems to have some importance. We do three pradakshiNams in temples.

A person drowning in water is raised by water twice and if helpless, drowns in the third time.

It is also said that oldies escape two kaNdams and :rip: in the third one!

Now, about staring for 14 seconds. Humans learn from animals, right?? ;)
In the serial 'Seethaiyin Raman', Seetha tries to teach sAtvic food to Mandodari and says that the person

who eats that foor will become virtuous. (On finding this, Ravana's mother gets mad with anger!)
So, sAtvic food develops good nature. :angel:

P.S: It is also said that the list of friends will show how virtuous a person is!
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