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Volunteer in Mumbai

HI Venkat ,

Thanks a lot for your offer, yes we do need more volunteers in mumbai and any other place in India .

Pls spread the word about this site and request people to register in large numbers and contribute in form of articles/opinions etc

We also need volunteers who can make sure help reaches the deserving

At this point we also also collecting donations from volunteers till we form a trust ( which is 3 months away ) as some children need to pay thier fees immediately

Hi ,
I am searching whether there is any place where I can volunteer myself but in vain.I would like to do some good to our deserving people. I am from hyderabad. Tell me how I can be an active member.I am very happy to see a constructive group rather than wasting our energy. You can mail me at [email protected] on details.
HI Chanakya,

Pls spread the word about this site and request people to register in large numbers and contribute in form of articles/opinions etc

We also need volunteers who can make sure help reaches the deserving

At this point we also also collecting donations from volunteers till we form a trust ( which is 3 months away ) as some children need to pay thier fees immediately

Also I heard in Hyderabad there are certain areas like DD colony filled with brahmins , can u pls mobilize some support

I just discovered this great site, thanks to all who maintain it!

I have always wanted to contribute toward helping the needy in our community, especially related to education. The trust sounds great - will you be offering scholarships to the needy? If so, please do keep me posted. Is there anyone I can contact regarding this?

I cannot contribute a lot, but I am sure every penny counts!

Thanks a lot and once again, great job with this site!
To start with Venkat, you could reach out to the Brahmin community (even a few families) in your local area and brainstorm with them a list of things that need to be addressed. Do prioritize them. Please come back and let us know the results of your effort. We will take it from there.


This Venkat Iyengar from Mumbai, Anyone requires any sort of help in Mumbai please mail me in [email protected] or call at 09820062238.
Will be there for any time any where.

It will be a great pleasure if i can do anything for anybody, one who really in need.

Dear Venkat:
Adding to Chintana's posting, may I also ask you to spread the word about us and asking friends/relatives to donate for our fund? As you know, we have been helping out needy young brahmins towards their tuition, etc.
We need more people like you; keep up the good work!!!
I can join as a volunteer in the science motivation area.I want the email ids of all who matter. I am senior banker from one of the top most banks in India, now retired yet pursuing consultancy work to keep me busy.My last assignment was in Kampala,as Risk manager and Internal auditor.Now settled in Chennai and Bangalore.I can help the young brahmins in their thought process with my experience and motivate the young brahmins to pursue original scientific ideas to make them Einsteins and Mozarts and even Picassas of the yesteryears. I can talk to them to see their economic legs so that they can see the world challenge for themselves.I can help the other volunteers in coordination to the extent possible.
Volunteers in Chennai

I am currently in Chennai and i am one of the founding members of R.E.A.C.H. One of our focus areas is to help the Poor Archaga community by reviving the temples worship and providing necessary support.

I would like to see the possibility of partnering with TamilBrahmins to help the poor Brahmins (Particularly Archagas)

Please find below a small write up on R.E.A.C.H. If interested please drop me a mail to [email protected]

About R.E.A.C.H

R.E.A.C.H. Foundation is founded by Dr. T. Satyamurthy, Superintending Archaeologist and Former Director of Archaeology Kerala is a leading Archaeologist and had made many land mark findings in India. Along with him, the following members join hands as board members:

Mr.S.Hariharan, Leading Auditor in Chennai city,

Mr. V.Sekar fondly called as Sivapathasekaran in temple reconstruction groups,

Mr.P.N. Subramanian who is an entrepreneur and a leading SAP management consultant in the IT sector,

Mr. Sundhar Bharadhwaj who owns his own construction company, but also an accomplished history lover with an M.Phil in history coming on his way and the temple_cleaners Yahoo group.

Reach is an NGO, currently spearheading in identifying, documenting, conserving and renovating the historical temples in Tamil nadu. We have so far collected details about 150 such dilipated temples in our database. Apart from that, we have visited some 15 such temples, and have extensively documented them in our blog at templesrevival.blogspot.com. We have also started a dedicated website for publishing information about ancient heritage, and related ones.

Along with the conservation of historical monuments we also work for the upliftment of the local community in improving their living conditions in the places we work. This includes adopting the village to improve the sanitation, building overhead tanks to supply water to villagers, cleaning of tanks & ponds etc.

Currently we have partnered with Rotary Club to adopt a village called as Natham on ECR Road in Chennai.

Contact Details:

Tel: 91-(9962525700- Rajan) or 9444441181 - Chandrasekar

Email: [email protected]

Please Visit http://templesrevival.blogspot.com and for the latest updates on our activity.

Also Visit http://www.ConserveHeitage.org. This site was inaugurated by his Excellency Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/temple_cleaners

Thanks & Regards,

TS Rajanganesh
I am from Chennai and would like to volunteer myself for any activity. If there is already someone coordinating in chennai please let me know the contact details. If in case there is no one already coordinating from Chennai, i am willing to do the coordination.

Please mail me to [email protected]

Thanks & Regards,
TS Rajanganesh
I would also like to contribute to the welfare of Brahmins. I have been keen on adopting one or even two brahmin children (any age) so that I can help them in their life. If you know of any such children who need a family, please contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]. My mobile - 9962560527.

FYI, I am also engaged in a project, UDUKKAI, Discovering wisdom through filmmaking, wherein I am enabling young students to rediscover our rich heritage, knowledge and wisdom, through the process of making a film. So far, three schools have participated (Bala Vidya Mandir, Sivasami Kalalaya and Abacus) in making films on three topics - Vedic Mathematics, Marundeeswarar Temple and Why Do We.. (wear kumkumam, do namaste, say OM, etc.)

Interested members may kindly contact me with regard to the above.
Many thanks and best regards
Usha Rajeswari
Prakrithi JIVA Media (P) Ltd
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