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Unnecessary fear

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Very true. It is not an unnecessary fear but a meaningful one.

Take the media for example. In every Indian movie, mostly the south, especially the Tamil, Brahmins are the easy targets for mockery and ridicule. In TN, not many brahmins feel very comfortable in showing their poonals (especially the youth). In Karnataka, this is not the case yet. The brahmins are repsected.

என்னா அய்ரே, is a known dialogue from Tamil films isn't it?

But just fearing won't bring us solution. It is the அழுத பிள்ளை who gets milk. The society which reacts gets benefited. The one struggles comes up. This holds good to us as well. We need to grow more stronger, stay absolutely united. If this is done for the next 3 or 4 generations, then will be a society in the same TN, where the brahmins will be respected as they were.

Don't take me wrong here. The supremacy and monarchy attitude displayed by our community in earlier days were the reasons for why we are hated by even our brother Hindus.

We almost lost our individuality. This is the reason why we lost our respect. We lost our strength.

I attended a சீர்திருத்த கல்யாணம் of my friend. One of the speakers there said the following:
'This is a remarkable event. Unlike the marriages held by Aiyars, where they will keep looking at their wrist-watches and hurry up things to make money through another wedding, this wedding is for our people, by our people, bla bla bla'.

How many can deny the fact that it is happening? There goes our individuality, our very base, with the wind. How can we expect respect then?

Yes, we need to fear as அஞ்சுவது அஞ்சாமை பேதமை. But this should be followed up with action. Not just fear will help.
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