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Today's article on Kanchi Periva Jayendrar

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Dear Shri Saidevo,

Though I am not a great fan or devotee of the Kanchi mutt (and you know that) I wish that if the tape is fabricated, the devotees of the mutt should press for maximum punishment and also for damages from the culprits including the petitioner.
I dont know the truth about these tapes. I wish that day came when I can say with confidence that if news comes from a particular source it is not intentionally fabricated by that source. Somehow the corrupt trying to expose corruptions seems hollow to me/

Alas there is not one newspaper or tv channel I am able to trust. Is there any honest press/media anywhere?
All my brothers,

It is known to all that Jeyalalitha is adamant in her attitude, what be the reason. This tape episode is also link by "'Amma"' leela only. That 's why few brahmins like us depend M.K for his openness thatn such cunning leader of our own community.


Shri Subbuasp,

I find that you have been quietly reading the posts for more than 18 months and are making your first post now. I welcome you heartily and look forward to many such "frank" posts in future too. You might have already observed that MK is not much appreciated by a vociferous section of this forum and it looks to me that they will have a better rating for JJ simply because she is MK's rival (enemy's enemy) and also because, after all, she is a B. Take care.
For both Jaya and MK, politics comes first and their speech and action re. anti brahmin areas. DMK was to start a state wise agitation if no action was taken against kanchi acharya; jaya nullified MK's move by arresting KA and made herself more holy by giving her verdict against KA in the assembly itself. Even though her defeat in the subsequent elections can be attributed to coalition politics, she did lose many brahmin votes.
..Even though her defeat in the subsequent elections can be attributed to coalition politics, she did lose many brahmin votes.

.. and she could have gained some brahmin votes too, because of her addiction to truth and justice ?
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