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Think or blink!!!

This new thread will deal exclusively with Yahoo News / World News.

The thread Think or Sink will register my insight / reflections / observations.

So I have converted your choice-less existence into one with two choices! :)

Information and happenings of the world go to this new thread. :laser:

The old thread will contain the musings of an old woman...me! :rolleyes:
THIS is known as the victorious wapasi! :thumb:

(vetrigaramaana pinvaanguthal!)

Oh what a life!!! Free food, lodging, facilities,
not a care in the world AND the Internet!!! :rolleyes:

Photo of Criminals From Inside Punjab Jail Uploaded on Facebook, Leaves State Government Red-Faced

Gangster Kulbir Singh, whose photo from inside Bhatinda Jail was posted on Facebook, leaving Punjab's ruling Akali Dal red faced, is not the only one with access to Internet and smartphones, NDTV has found. Inmates of Ropar jail are also clicking photos and updating their Facebook status with equal ease.

[COLOR=#1E7D8E !important]NDTV

A crocodile whipped an old man with its tail in KoLLidam a few days ago!
Now this news!!!
Is a :croc: colony developing - unknown to us - underground??? :scared:

‘No clue as to where crocodile found dead in Mysuru came from’

The Forest Department authorities are clueless as to where the crocodile that was found dead at Sewage Farm in Vidyaranyapuram in Mysuru on Tuesday came from. But locals say they had seen such reptiles in a drain at

New uses for the iPhone!!! :thumb:

[h=3]Aside: Woman gives birth by instructions on iPhone - Pune Mirror -[/h]There was no one except a couple of inexperienced medical assistants, who had never worked on the delivery of a baby before. The doctor gave clear instructions to her medical assistants using the video messaging app. Oswaida Torres, one of the assistants, had never even used FaceTime.

[COLOR=#1E7D8E !important]Pune Mirror

In India THIS is a crime and in US a man pays for it! :shocked:

[h=3]Plus-sized dominatrix claims Michael Phelps paid her to urinate on him[/h]Sydney, Mar 19 (ANI): A plus-sized dominatrix has claimed that she urinated on American swimming great Michael Phelps in exchange for money, adding another chapter to the Olympian's sexual escapades. Kim Petro, a 36-year-old from New York, has revealed details of a night she spent with the former swimmer, during which she claims that he sported women's underwear. Petro has revealed that Phelps got in touch with her in 2013 to arrange the meeting at the London Hotel in New York and paid her 900 dollars, adding that when he said drink some water before she got to the hotel, she claimed that knew what she was in for, News.com.au reported.

[COLOR=#1E7D8E !important]ANI[/COLOR]