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Things I did not enjoy...

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Respectable members,

Greetings. There are a few things I never enjoyed in my life while most people took them for granted. To top the list, I never had the opportunity of பெண் பார்த்தல் :pout:. Possibly I missed something like this....

YouTube - ChinnanChiruVayadhil


I should admit that I became an ardent fan for this song -- for the lyrics,music composing, subtle actions of Kamal and Sri, and over and above all, the timely rhythm of "paatti's vethalai paakku idithal', cleaning the mouth by tongue etc, well correlated to the ambience of the song. Really memories gallop...............

That apart, yes,I feel, that Sri .Raghy you would have missed the "ponpaarkal" if what you stated is not just joke.

Still,there are many souls (boys and girls and family members) who consider the marriage as a big event to celebrate, along with all its attendant formalities, before and after:and to be cherished for ever. For them it once-in-a life event.

I still cherish my "ponpaarkkal"- the one and only one of course- the same girl I married.(Now at leisure we both reminisce about that).

" சுந்தரி நீயும் சுந்தரன் நானும் சேர்ந்நிருன்னால் திருவோணம்...."
over 35 years ago, i was travelling to madras from bombay dadar express. it was late afternoon, and from arakonam, got into our compartment, a madisar mami widowed, a little girl and a young man.

the youngster appeared petrified, and throughout the journey, the mami was consoling and encouraging him. told him that this is not a frightening experience, the girl's father would not probe him with questions etc etc.

it taught me one thing: our boys are eunuched when it comes to girls. it appears still so, considering the numbers of them trying to find spouses themselves.

having said that, from what i heard, this was often demeaning the girl in the not so distant past. not only had she to dress up, parade herself, but also sing, display any other talent, all under the groping eyes of utter strangers. and face ultimate rejection too, after all the effort, and the expenses of coffeebajjisojji.

i had made up my mind to marry whosoever my mom selected. so it was a straight forward affair. it was only when i said that i wanted a civil or temple wedding, that the powers to be, intervened and vetoed it. from then on, i lost control.

my uncle, who was supposed to be a good catch, saw 18 girls before settling on my aunt. this was 50 years ago. ;)

ps.. why did you call this thread 'things that i did not enjoy'. should it be not 'things i missed out in life'?
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It will be enjoyable and sweet rememberance if you succeed in one or two `girl(boy)seeing`.. But if it continues it will not be enjoyable . I really admire good scientific approach in girl (boy) seeing. Asking the girl to serve, bow to elders, sing etc gives way to examine her.
my uncle, who was supposed to be a good catch, saw 18 girls before settling on my aunt. this was 50 years ago.

nice uncle,site aduchyfying before saying yes. :)

thankfully i saw one only and married her also,ahh 1991 a sweeet year for a grihastha life :)

Greetings. I was not joking. We chose each other before the parents were involved. Of course, the parents and the elders did have 'sojji bhajji party'. They got even with us by shutting me out! Oh, well, after work I went to her home; she served me 'sojji, bhajji & coffee' as if we were already married! We got even with the elders!:biggrin1:

" சுந்தரி நீயும் சுந்தரன் நானும் சேர்ந்நிருன்னால் திருவோணம்...."

Let us make it visual....

YouTube - Kamal Haasan & Urvashi in Sundari Neeyum - Michael Madana Kama Rajan

Sri.Kunjuppu wondered:-

.. why did you call this thread 'things that i did not enjoy'. should it be not 'things i missed out in life'?
Sri.Kunjuppu, Greetings. I can not 'miss' something that I don't know. I would miss 'vellaiyappam and sammandhi' that I had in Palaghat; 'pittum payarum' I had in a Malayalee mess when I was young; 'four idlies and two plate full of saambar' I had in Hotel Palace, in Vellore...I miss those things; I may enjoy it again one day.

But 'பெண் பார்த்தல்'. that one off fuction where I get about 10 minutes to assess her while she gets lesser time to assess me...that didn't happen. I can't miss it because I don't know about it.

our boys are eunuched when it comes to girls. it appears still so, considering the numbers of them trying to find spouses themselves.
That is a sharp observation. Our boys are not bold; girls like such boldness in boys. Boys have to understand..if they are not bold, then they will become bald before getting a girl. I am glad I was not like that. I had many advisors for me when I wrote my first love letter..How to deliver the letter...I had somany suggestions while writing it. We still laugh about it. I just took the letter, like a mailman rang my cycle bell at her doorstep..she came out, I just delivered the letter..she walked back inside..right in front of everyone! It was cool!

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I was thinking about what you stated. Quite a while, I would say! Yes, you are right. The topic heading is lame....it should be "things I never got to enjoy'. You are right. The present topic heading sounds as if I experienced it and did not enjoy it...Thanks for showing that.

Dear moderator, if it is not too much, can you kindly change this lame topic heading to "things I never got to enjoy" .., please? Thank you.

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