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The magic of spiritual energy

I plan to conduct monthly webinars on spirituality. May be weekly webinars soon.

I will give my perspective on spirituality and related issues.
I plan to conduct monthly webinars on spirituality. May be weekly webinars soon.

I will give my perspective on spirituality and related issues.
Ok good..but please read and study some works of Advaita philosophy too before you start on spiritual topics.

Btw, a question came to my mind.
What if the effect of Maya is actually the least in the physical world and stronger in the astral world and strongest in the causal world?

In the physical world there is polar opposites and pleasure and pain, to a great extent we all undergo some form of torment via birth..life..disease ..aging and death.
The effect of Maya doesnt have to be so high as we are already in a state of constant struggle.

Now just say a very spiritual person dies and has no more physical rebirth and resides in an astral plane..he would be actually closer to liberation if he is able to escape the " astral life and death and rebirths" and get to the causal plane.

So wouldnt the effect of Maya be stronger in the astral plane as to " prevent" him from evolving very fast?
Its like how in a video game, the higher level we reach the higher the difficulty and obstacles to overcome.
Hence the astral planes are very beautiful with no suffering etc...which are actually major distraction created by Maya.

Now..if one is able to transcend the astral plane and go to the causal plane..wont Maya be the strongest there?
Maya is designed to prevent liberation..so if someone can transcend the causal plane he attains Moksha..so wouldnt Maya be working its best to prevent that?

I have a feeling thats why a human birth is considered precious because the effect of Maya is the least but we do not realize it...
Thats why our actions on earth has a profound effect for spiritual growth but may be in astral planes its less..hence heaven is called Indraloka..Indra being lord of the senses delights us with distractions of beauty and enjoyment by the web maya spins there.
May be thats why the Puranas say there are Apsaras.
Apsaras are not women but only a projection of our own astral desires and distractions of Maya.
Enjoyment is a product of Prakirti( feminine) hence Puranas call them Apsaras.

What say you?
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Very deep observation. The fact that we are reborn points that we need to come out of maya. The seven lokas represent different planes of existence. I believe there are lokas beyond even satya loka. Brahmas are reborn and in fact so are Shiva and Vishnu until the state of nirguna is reached. Maya becomes subtler and subtler and more and more difficult to overcome with higher and higher planes of existence.
Karma is about making one disciplined, responsible and respectful to others. When you do these doors to higher truths are opened.
There is no way you can overcome karma. If you try to escape from the consequences of your misdeeds you will get more trapped and caught in the web of karma
Karma tries to make you atone first without being punitive. Punishment happens gradually and when the learning is consistently not happening it happens it happens in a big way.
The lessons are relentless and when one continues to be impermeable to them the magnitude of the punishment commensurately builds up.
I believe as a general rule the lessons are more directed to provoke ones mind initially and physical sufferings happen when the lessons are not learnt.

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