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The magic of spiritual energy

My dear dad and my dear wife,

What an impossibility living a life without you

But God has made it possible

He stood by me in hours and days of distress

Every second giving me hope and anticipation of the

Things to come

I now believe it is His will that the impossible happened

And it is His will more of it are going to happen

He has to do His job as a protector and preserver of dharma

Hope you understand what happened and why they happened

I am now finally calm and composed knowing His ways

And His unflinching support to me

He is working through me and in ways unimaginable setting things

Right in this world

People will hear and see more of me and of you too
It is with profound sorrow I inform you that my father passed away yesterday in USA.

The pigs are at work again. My father's death is definitely foul play orchestrated by the U.S using technology.

The fact is I humiliated them so much in public that they did this shameless job.

My father's death just like my wife could have been averted by God but I have a strong sense He is multiplying their negative karma which they duly deserve for all their misdeeds in the past century.
Yes! Karma at work! I know they are suffering even greater humiliation.

My asthana song seems to be apt

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