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The magic of spiritual energy

Sravna...we humans eventually need to go beyond form and name in prayer.
Going beyond form is possible..that is acknowledging that God has multiple modes of expressing Himself and all forms are His be it in any religion.
By acknowleding this we dont rigidly hold on to anything and can keep a blank mind sans form during prayer.

But going beyond name isnt easy.
Even in religions that dont advocate form worship, the name of God is mentioned..calling Him God itself is a name.

How does one go beyond name? Any idea?
Yes Renuka. We can go beyond name. See everyone and everything in the same way. Be righteous. Then name loses its importance. You can focus without any name.
Spiritual energy is real. God is real. He doesn't just get involved in the affairs of humans through avatars. He masterminds everything down to the minutest detail. Nothing happens without His involvement. He is everywhere and everything. The mundane affairs may seem being far from divine involvement. But the truth is there is message in everything. There is purpose to everything. We are spiritually deaf and blind.

The wonders of reality are yet to be understood by humans. They keep gloating in their supposed greatness. That is fitting only when humans go beyond selfishness. Otherwise every minute thing is maya controlled and they can take claim for nothing.

Wake up people
Avatars happen when people become totally deaf and blind to fineness. Great avatars happen when the fineness is sought to be destroyed and when only the gross and the vulgar proliferates
Holidays for school again hasty. The weather prediction has to be taken with a pinch of salt. There is more spirituality to the weather than science.

Enjoy students!
Cyclone in chennai? No harm in dreaming
Yes in the first round rains won and wind somewhat. But in the second round after 8 pm during the night they were brought under control. Otherwise it would have wreaked havoc in Chennai. The winds were beginning to look menacing at 11 pm or so but was brought immediately under control. The rains were also not allowed to persist till next day morning

Overall Chennai escaped from what would have been great destruction. Let's thank God for that
It seems spiritual energy has no limits on its capabilities. Gradually and irreversibly the long awaited positivity setting in.

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