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Thaamboola prasnam.

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you are reqesting to find out kula deivam. what is your birth star/?. rohini is my birth star. to day is punarpoosam star. If it is your 3,5,or7th star from your birth star do not go and ask for prasnam. go there with some plantain fruits, flowers., betel leaves and betel nut and dhakhinai. for 12 rasis 12 betels and in addition 8 or more approximately must be bought from betel shop. do not count it. do not see whether the betels are good or not.

Request the shop keeper to give you betels for five rupees if it is more than fifteen approximately it is enough for you , hand it over to the prasnam teller. along with betelnut, fruits and flowers. The astrologer if you go there before 12 noon he will start counting the total numbers of betels. if you go there after 12 noon the astrologer must count the betels by placing the betels on the table front upside down and start counting from the last one to the front .

Total betelsx2x5+1=/7 see balance. For example 20betelsx2x5+1=201/7=28 and balance is 5.

BALANCE; Sun=1;Moon=2; Mars=3; Mercury=4; Jupitor=5; Venus=6; Saturn=7;. If there is no balance take 7 as balance.

Now the balance is 5 it is jupitor. Now you have started prasnam (for example) 20-6-2012. dwithiyai thuthiand punarpoosam star. you are giving and the astrologer is taking at 8 A M. prepare rasi chakram and amsa chakram for this time. now the lagnam is kadagam.
balance 5= is guru and in the rasi chakra guru is in rishabha rasi. so the thaamboola lagnam is rishabham.

In the lagnam guru, sukran,and kethu are there. If kethu is there in the lagnam I must understand that yo know astrology and you are testing me. In the fourth place mars and mandhi is there.simham sun's house. mars is his friend.
to be continued
Before starting prasnam the astrologer must chant guru, ganapathy, navagrahangal manthram, kula devatha and prasna upadesa manthra 108 times daily. he has to chant manthra upadesam for prasnaarudam in lakhs. Then only his predictions will come successfully.Then lit one kuthu vilakku.

You know for sara rasi,stira and upaya rasi 11th,9th,and 7th bhavas are bhadhakadhipathy. for this 21st june date rishabha rasi sthira rasi 9th house sani is bhadhakaathipathy. in prasnam maha bhadhakaadhipathy is there. foe all sara rasis kumbam is maha bhadhakaathipathy. for simham,kanni,vrischikam and dhanus vrischigam is mahabhadhagathipathy. for menam and mithunam dhanus is mahabhadhagathipathy. for kumbam kadagam and for rishabam makaram.

so for this maharam is maha bhadhagathipathy. kumbam is bhadhagathypathy. for both sani is bhadhagathipathy. Thaamboola aaruda lagnam is rishabam. udhaya lagnam kadagam is in 12 degrees. so thaamboola aarooda lagna spudam is also rishabam 12 degrees. then draw navamsam.

mandhi or gulikan is important for aaroodam. FIRST THE ASTROLOGER MUST SEE THE LIFE SPAN of the person who is asking for prasnarodam. see mruthyu lakshanam : mandhi is in magam star and it is not rohini hastham, thiruvonam. so life span is good. mandhi is not in the 8th rasi from rishabam. so aayul is good.

see lagnathipathy,lagnam, astamaadhipathy where and how they are to fix life span. chandra rasi is having suba karthree yogam and so life span is more.

Now see guru it is not in 6th, 8th or in 12 th house. so grace of god is there. Guru is in taamboola lagnam .so 100 percent divine grace is there. Bhadhagathipathy ---if in 6th, 8th or in 12 house deiva kobham is there.

ATHIDEVATHAI OF PLANETS; Suryan; sivan; suryan in ubhaya rasi first trekonam murugan; second trikonam ganesan.

CHANDRAN; Full moon durgai; krishna patcha chandran; badra kali; maariamman; chandran neecha rasi raktha chamundy; krishna paksha chaandran in thamasa rasi chaamundy;;

MARS; male rasi and sathweeka raasi murugan; male rasi rajasa, thamas rasi; b hairavar/chandra sekar. female raasi chamundy / badhra kaali;

BHUDHAN; in sara ubaya rasi visnu avathara murthy. in sthira rasi 1st,2nd trekaanam sri krishnar; 3rd trekanam vishnu.

GURU; vishnu; If guru is in sun's house or guru and suryan joins together, or if guru is in suryan vargam shivan is the athidevadai. Like this if along with chandran durga; guru along with mars murugan; and like this.

SUKRAN; sukran in male rasi with male graham ganapathy. sukran in rajasa rasi lakshmi devi; sukran in thamasa rasi yakshini;

SANI; sastha;bairavar; katrhavarayan; karupannaswamy madurai veeran etc;

RAHU; sarpa or naga devadai.

KETHU; chamundy.

The fourth bhavathipathy here simha rasi sun soshivan is the kula deivam. male rasi; The fourth betel leaf will also show as the male betel
.Bhadhakasthanamis makaram and maha bhadaga stanam kumbam for both the athipathy is sani. if the 4th bhavathypathy sun stands in bhadaga sthanam,or if sani is in fourth house or if sani and sun joins together or aspects each other kula deiva dosham is there.

If sun or moon stands in bhadaga rasi kula deiva dosham is there. simha rasi is the fourth and it shows about kula deivam, direction is south from the birth place and for sthira rasi it is very near to the birth place within 10 kilometers, if it is sara rasi it is far off from birth place about 590 kilo meters; and if it is ubhaya rasi within 100 kilometers from birth place south direction.

the 12th house from simha rasi is kadagam so the temple is in near agricultural land. temple tank and coconut trees will be there. the next house is kanni. sani is there so near the temple village kaaval gods will be there near to this temple. as mandhi is there in simha rasi the temple is old one and in damaged condition.

To be continued.
There are different types of Prashnams. One amongst them is Thamboola
Prashnam. Recently, I heard from one of my friends, that they had been
Kerala, where this is famous. One Shridharan Namboodhiri, Astrologer does
this, perhaps a famous person. He has his own website i.e. devisahayam.com
This is one such thing, you can find out unknown things. Once, we had been
to a place known as Payanam near Suchindram, to find out the Kula deivam
for one of our relatives. There also, the above is done.

There are different types of Prashnams. One amongst them is Thamboola
Prashnam. Recently, I heard from one of my friends, that they had been
Kerala, where this is famous. One Shridharan Namboodhiri, Astrologer does
this, perhaps a famous person. He has his own website i.e. devisahayam.com
This is one such thing, you can find out unknown things. Once, we had been
to a place known as Payanam near Suchindram, to find out the Kula deivam
for one of our relatives. There also, the above is done.

dear balu !
this is like mai potu parpathu for which the beetal leaves is used .
There is one book available soli prasna aarudam written by jodhidamani m.natarajan publishers vijaya pathippagam,20 raja street coimbatore 641001pages 104 and price is rs. 30/=he has given with examples about all prasnams. In thaamboola prasnam i am giving the sample one here.

after the receipt of betel from the party rasi and amsa chakram should be prepared for that time with usual lagnam. then count the total betel mutiply it into2, then multiply it by5 then add 1, and divide it by 7 and the remainder if it is 1=sun;2=moon;3=mars;4 budhan;5=guru;6=sukran 7 =sani.

now the question= kovil kinatril water kidaikuma? total betel leaf is 12x2x5+1=121/7=17 remanider 2 . 2 is chandran. In the rasi chart chandran is in kumbam and so thaamboola aarudam lagnam is kumbam, sthira rasi.9th lord sukran bhadhakaadhipadhi; for kumbam kadagam is maha bhadha gaathipathy.

4th house is denoting about well;water.In the fourth house from thaamboola lagnam is rishabham guru and sani is there.water grahams are there. so water will be available in the temple well.But in the thaamboola aaruda lagnam(kumbam) chandran and sukran are there. sukran is bhadaghadipathy and maha bhadhagathipathy is chandran. both are there in lagnam. so with much difficulty you can get water.

for sukran and chandran durgapooja and lakshmi pooja must be done.after ganapathy homam. this is 50% and see the fourth betel betel vaadi irukkum.nuni kilinthu irukkum.

some more tips: first betel shows about lagnam. 8th betel shows (aayul sthaanam) if the 8th betel is bigger in size than 1st betel you can say arpaayul. If the 12th betel is bigger than 10th betel you can say more expenditure and less income.

If the total betel is more than 24 you can say that ,that person left the poorveekam place in the past 2 generations. if the betel is more than 36 you can say they left the poorveekam village and now 3rd generation is here. if there is holes in the betel in ghe centre unnatural death had occured and the pretha m is doing harm to you. you have to do thila homam in rameswaram to change the pretham to pithru.

If there is hole in the bottom of the betel near bach side big narambu you can say pregnant woman died during delivery. there is something some other leaf or doosi which can be removed by touching and removing it easily that problem will be solved easily. for temple prasnam from thaamboolaarooda lagnamas one, you can say about the temple from the rasi chart.

temple prasnam: lagnam: shows saannidhym, chaithanyam,moolasthaanam; karuvarai. 2nd house from thaamboola lagnam: laghu neivedhyam (coconut and fruit and thaamboolam only). commitee members; undial;money. 3rd house: details about cook of that temple. 4th house: From Moolasthaanam to outside 5 prahaarangal; dwaja sthambam; templetank,well. charriot, vaahanam, lands etc; 5th house: manthra saannidhyam of that temple.

6th house: uncleaniless; enemies; thieves.7th house: baktha janangal; aabharangal; vasthram etc; 8th house: yearly urchavangal; mahaa neivedhyam. 9th house: Poorviga urimaiyalargal of the temple. 10 th house: archagar; main archagar;urchavam; temple pooja vidhi 11th house: porveega poojamurai;anustaanam;veda parayanam etc;

12th house: the person who had done deiva prathishtai.

4th house shows about kula deivam. from the udhya lagnam in kenthrams and konams you can tell the the name and gender of other deiva silaigal on the kula deivam temple and in the nearby places what are temples are there or nothing is there, from mjala raasi you can tell about tank of the temple trees etc;

like this we are predicting. and not by any mai.
post no 7
dear kgopalan sir !
namaskaram and thanks for elaborate description about tamboola prashnam .
with regards,
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