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Temples are loosing their sanctity

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When it comes to restricting/moderating admission based on money is against spirituality. It leads to the stratification of devotees, makes them divided in to haves and have nots, which is a shame.

I agree with Sri Venkataramani Ji on this one.

If temples want to regulate the inflow, they have other options: 1) first come, first served, with a fixed number admitted 2) an advanced reservation system with the same first come, first served principle, instead of a queue system 3) drawing from a pool indiscriminately to admit a certain number 4) admit first people with special needs (though this may take some work. I am sure there are many more than discriminating over the crassest of all things, money to be the basis for temple admission!

I has having Tirupathi in mind when I wrote the post.

- People with special needs, old/infirm, women with infants are given direct access to the lord from through the main gate without any hindrance.

- FIFO does not always work with such a mass. There may be people who wish to have a speedy dharshan for many reasons. Having them pay a small additional fee is not, in any way, a crass method! Neither is it intented to exhibit a discrimination between the haves and have-nots!

- Moreover, there are special sevas and daily routines which are given preference to. People who wish to see these sevas are asked to shell out some extra money.

Writing something on a discussion board is easy. Implementing it in reality is really difficult. Why would then, the TTD, which has enough money by virtue of its hundi alone, plunge into brass money tactics, as some seem to think so?
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The crowd during season in Sabarimala is very very large (Particularly during Makara Jyothi).Some time, the Q will be there almost from Pampa river to the Sannidhi.
One difference is ladies (within a particular age group) are not permitted. However Travancore Devaswam Board which is managing the temple has never attempted to raise money through Darshan tickets.

If TTD wants to reduce paid Darshan, they can definitely do it. But TTD has implemented paid Darshan practice few decades back which they don't want to close it.
Temples have have become a place where people in power and status show their weight and influence.I had a nasty experience when I visited Thirumala.When I was in the crowd after having dharshan (fortunately) the security suddenly started driving the entire crowd like a herd to an obscure corner for the simple reason that some junior minister is going to visit the temple to have darshan with his kith and kin.we were allowed to disperse after his entire gang crossed that place. I am unable to understand why lesser mortals like us should be treated like animals in the place of worship.

sadasivam sridharan
Archana Dharshan tickets are yet another form of RESERVATION, may be an economic reservation. I feel, we should make it as 'First come first serve'
Noble thoughts indeed! The money donated to the hundi is not shared by the priests, but goes to the govt fund, which is of course mismanaged. But that is to be expected. Perhaps, if I may suggest, it could be a better way to give something directly to the priests as it would ensure their well-being.

Vanakkam Sapthajihva : Yes, by the end of my pilgrimage, I had this figured out. I was a fresh off the boat beginner so I excuse myself. Palani was my first major stop. Next time it'll be to the priests the whole way. And spread about. I've heard stories of priests themselves not sharing the wealth as it were.

Reagarding just going to any temple for peace, I quite agree. Many temples have peaceful times as well. I've found each devotee varies on what he/she prefers. But the value of Palani or Tirupati (never went there) for me was the power of the place. Believe it or not, I could feel Palani from quites some distance, and the darshan there was indeed overwhelming. (for me)

Aum Namasivaya

Aum Namasivaya
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