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Temple to do remedy for rahu dosha/sarpa dosha / kalathrya dosha.

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I am The Close Mate of Shri T.Vijayakumar Reddy,President,Vishwa Hindu Parishat, Bangalore.

I Guided their entire Family People to Do Parihar Poojas in Various Temples in TN.

For Your Quote Rahu Sthala Temple (Thiru Nageswaram Temple) Near Kumbakonam will be The Right Temple.

Immaiyil Nanmai Tharuvar Temple in Madurai can also be suggested for Raghu Related Dhosha Nivarthi ...

Nagaraja Swamy Temple in Nagarkovil is another Temple.

If you inform me your mail id I will send you the Photos of all the Temples.
There are a lot of temples in and around Kumbakonam.

Thirupam Puram is one temple and likewise Thiru Nageswaram Temple.

If you are based in Chennai, i can provide you with a contact who can guide you and also suggest what you need to do.
No , In Thirunageswaram it is only milking money, no satisfaction. Book at Kukke Subramanya and at Bejwar mutt, Bangalore branch 5th cross Akshya nagar west, Begur post, bangalore-560068. Phone 08026485811., Subramanya 08257281221/08257281211
Our Ancestors and Kings dedicated Splendid Temples as Ever Growing Wealth for noble reasons like Parihara Sthalams for Dependents like us.

If the Present Administrators did sin in such temples,such Gods and Temples are not to be blamed.

Rahu Sthala Temple near Kumbakonam is a Fantastic one to see.No doubt in it.
In thiru Nageswaram, we are only spectators and not doing anything with our own hand and take part. But in Kukee, we are to sit for 3 days and perform Thithi with our own hand.
Shri Reddy,

According to some experienced jyosyars of Kerala, one has to visit the paampumEkkaavu temple near Mala in Thrissur district, then Mannarassala temple near Haripad in Alappuzha Dt., and lastly Nagaraja temple at Nagercoil lastly, in order to do parihaaram for rahu dosha and sarpa dosha. The Kerala belief is the snake Anantha is lying along Kerala, length-wise, with its head in PaambumEkkaavu in the north, middle portion in Mannarassaala and tail in the southern end of Nagercoil.

If you visit these temples you will surely get some new tourist experience. But beware of cheats and frauds everywhere.

why did you come to such a remedy?

it might be of interest to the public (definitely to me) as to why you feel that you have the said 'doshas'.

if i am not mistaken, is not a dosha manifested by a misfortune. so according to this post, you may have three different misfortunes.

but in today's world, sometimes i think, we try to trace to divine retribution, for man made follies.

for example, in another thread, a guy got fooled and lost a large amount of money. now, if i were him, i would consider myself duped, grieve over the lost money and give myself to some fanciful imaginations as to the various types of misfortunes that the cheater deserves. and then reluctantly would move on, without spending any more many chasing the lost moola.

or if someone has an incurable disease, i think, it is an afflication, that happens, by chance, without any rhyme or reason that we can comprehend. and finally coming to the stage, that indeed the curtains are closing for us, and help prepare the family to carry on, after us, by getting our papers in order and such like.

so, dear manreddy, i hope you did the sufficient amount analysis and cause/effect understanding, before you throw away hard earned money and feed the several charlatans, at all the paambu temples, eagerly awaiting folks like manreddy, and help you lighten up your bank account.

i sincerely hope and wish you the best in life, and also strength to last through your misfortunes undamaged and coming out as a whole.

God Bless.
snake temples especially for rahu in kala hasthi is famous.i have done all pariharams as suggested in jyotisham also nadi josiam.yes,there is a sense of harmony and peace,as its a matter of faith and belief system as ordained by our wise rishis munis gurus devas.in kanchi there is temples as wel to do pariharams,its an ancient model of pyschological counseling imho.
Hi Reddy,

I have Raghu/Kethu Dosa in my horoscope and I had suffered many things in the recent past to settle in the life. But, I too believe in God and I had done many pariharams in many different temples. I had done in ThiruNageswaram too. There are plenty of temples too in and around TamilNadu...

But, honestly, in my personal opinion, please do in SriKalahasthi and I had been benefited after doing the Raghu-Kethu pariharam only after in SriKalahasti. The power of the supreme and the vibration in this temple is abundant. I know nowadays almost everywhere milking the money happens by the name of all these...But if you really want to do pariharam and believe in God, I would strongly suggest you to do in SriKalahasti...(It would cost you around 600 INR) I would always be grateful to the lord in this temple as he changed my life in a very significant way after doing the pariharam.
Again, Wishing you all the very best for your personal and professional life! and God Bless you!

Mani A
For Rahu and Kethu - Kalahasti in AP, thirunageswaram and kizperumpallam in TN.
For venus - kanjanur in TN.

As said by Mr.Praveen, all the navagraha temples are around Kumbakonam.

Please check whether you really have kalasarpa dosham - its a question of degrees
and not just houses.

By doing all these pariharams, you can get mental strength only and the effect
of the dosham will run thru' its own course according to dasa and gochara. No escape.
I thought I should come back and tell you that I am not discouraging you,
nor am I sounding negative.

If you have a GURU, surrender to him. If you have got any mantropadesa,
keep on doing japa day and night. If you worship any deity, surrender to HIm/HER.
In this way, you will be protected. But do not expect miracles.
Raahu Stuthi

Ardakayam Mahaveeryam Chandrathithya Vimarsanam
Simhika Garpasamboodam tham Raahum Pranamyaham

Rahu Gayathri

Simhikegaya Vidmahe Ogra roopaaya dheemahi Thanno Raahu prachadoyaat

Nagathvajaya Vidmahe Padmahasthaya dheemahi Thanno Rahu prachodayaat

Om Siraroopaaya Vidmahe Amrutesaaya dheemahi Thanno Raahu prachodayaat

Om Neelavarnaaya Vidmahe Simhikesaaya dheemahi Thanno Raahu prachodayaat

Om Paitinasaaya Vidmahe Charmadharaaya dheemahi Tanno Raahu prachodayaat

Dear all

I dont know why people forget other famous temple is the same shoreline, THIRUPAMBURAM. The temple of thirupamburam is equivalently powerful like Thirunageswaram and there is no crowd and people can worship freely the lord and is a good remedy sthalam for Sarpa dosha. (In Amavasyas huge crwod will be there). Other days it will be very very free.

The temple is near Peralam (Peralam is a small village-town located in the Mayiladuthurai--Thiruvarur Route).

Remedy to rahu dosha

Dear all

I dont know why people forget other famous temple is the same shoreline, THIRUPAMBURAM. The temple of thirupamburam is equivalently powerful like Thirunageswaram and there is no crowd and people can worship freely the lord and is a good remedy sthalam for Sarpa dosha. (In Amavasyas huge crwod will be there). Other days it will be very very free.

The temple is near Peralam (Peralam is a small village-town located in the Mayiladuthurai--Thiruvarur Route).


Thank you for the infor. This temple is listed in the list of temples to be visited
for dosha pariharams, which is circulated by the tourists/travel agents.


I read the post # 5 rather late and the mention of Kukke Subrahmanya is a bit surprising. In Kukke and in most parts of Mangalore/Karnataka Subramanya is worshipped in the form a Sarpa. But Subrahmanya is the deity ruling over planet Mars. Similarly, Shiva in Kaalahasti is in serpent form, and believed to be most effective against Kala Sarpa dosha. And the ones in Thanjavur district are also famous. People could opt for the nearest. You can do the dosha parihara at your convenient place also by making naga in silver and offering into any shiva temple after the pooja.
I agree with you. We too went to Kalahasti a few years back and we did a dosha
paraharam. The temple office on remittance of fees, they give a Silver naga, for which
pooja was performed. Later we were asked to drop it in the Temple Hundi. There
used to be always very good crowd for this parihara pooja.

I have seen many people coming over to Kalahasti after hearing Nadi Josium. How far it stands
good, I do not know. But I heard one incident when I went to Puttaparuthi to have Darshan of
Baba. My cousin's studied in the Prasanthi Nilayam College. I was told, some of the American
Visitors who come over there, particularly people who are doing research in Astrology, initially
had some suspicion about Nadi Josium and had also had some doubts of its effect and causes.
There may be fake Nadi Josiars they say. It is for us to identify the correct person and approach
for details. I had been to Vaitheeswaran Koil and Kancheepuram and in both places I made an attempt.
Some of the points did generally tally. It appears the Madras University had released a Book on
Nadi Josium covering various aspects of it.

a few years back.
There is an interesting incident to hear. Two people went to Tiruthani for a pilgrimage.
While they were there, during their just casual dialogue, they went to a Guest House for
overnight stay. The first one said, you may sleep in the Cot, I prefer to sleep on the
floor. Being November/December, the first one told the second man, from the health point
of view, I suggest you sleep on the Cot weather being little chill. When the second Man said
not required, the other Man asked why? My Great Grand Father died in the cot, OK, then;
My Grand Father also died in the Cot, Ok then and My father also died in the Cot only. That is
why I am telling you that I do not need Cot. Instantly, the Other Man started narrating, My
Great Grand Father died on the Floor, My Grand Father died on the Floor and lastly my Father
too died on the Floor. Now you may imagine how they would have solved the problem.

If you are basically good, you get good connections - doctor or astrologer. By the way, pariharam may ward off trouble, minimise it or at worst prepare you for facing it. In the field of good growths, weeds are bound to be there.
Everything is based on faith. Faith moves mountains is a popular saying and faith is tested only during bad times. Sri Kalahasti is the first place which comes to my mind.
Sri Ananthapadmanabha swamy and sri subramanya swamy are the 2 deities who come to my mind immediately. An archanai to both deities on saturday and tuesday respectively will yield a lot of good results. Also you can go to rameswaram and do a rahu preethi pooja.
Dear Sir,
There are different form of Ragh Kethu Dosha. According to one native's horoscope the Raghu Keth placed in the house of Lagna (1),2,4,7,8,12 (in some cases 6) are described as dosha. And another one i.e.Kala Sarpa Dosha/Yoga is also as dosha. It is to be understand here that all the planets in the horoscope are placed in between raghu kethu. After attaing the age of 33 the dosha become Yoga if performed pariharams. Pariharams to be decided after studying the horoscope and tell the correct place. Mostly, Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam, Kalahasti (AP) are the common places for that purpose.
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