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Sunday Reflection


Gold Member
Gold Member
Sunday 25 july 2020
What is bothering me?

Firstly over hyping covid and the state

restricting personal liberty and freedom of

movement within the city ,between states .

Secondly playing the castecand religion card

to createv ill will and discord in society

Thirdly State giving more importance to nri

and indians abroad to return to india by

special flights and spread covid here.

Ignoring the migrants and their need for

support to go freely home and return.

Covid has been over played .Time to ignore

it and move on with life

Fourhly need to launch Food for
work programs for the poor on priority

It seems we are sitting on mounds of food

grains and not giving it to people who

require it
Fifth _ Stock market is booming.Who is

making money. ? We will again hear about

more scams and some more NPA from

banks will emerge.

PSU banks seem to be the target for all

scamsters.More Yes bank type .scandals

may emerge
Sixth Unemploymenvt is on the
Bank jobs no longer seem to be attractive anymore


Gold Member
Gold Member
It is depressing to live with deprivation of

freedom to breathe and live with a feeling

Of being in a jail of sorts.

I am longing to beathevfresh air , hear the

chirping of the birds , clanging of temple

bells , familiar faces of old friends and

neighbours who are locked in

One is anxious what happened to many who

have totally dropped out.

So many dear ones have passed away and

given funerals without anyone being present

More are in hospitals with no relative to look

after them due to restrictions of covid.


New member
Seventh, Restaurant services shut-down dine-in operations which will have direct drastic impact on dine-in restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes in major cities.

Eight, the food and agriculture sector was more affected with shortage of man-power. No idea as to when normal operation will resume with ample availability man-power.

MSMEs are facing A DOWNFALL and are struggling to pay salaries to the staff. No rent relief...Health Insurance if another headache

Of course, online business flourishes ensuring social distancing

The problems we are facing is quite severe and it is getting aggravated by the lock down. There is price inflation as demand exceeds the supply.

The list may be lengthy..

Apparently, there is a surge in arrival of new patients everyday.... most of the TV channels, and News paper and other medias pay attention only to telecasting and publishing the updates on the surge of patients, Number of patients treated and recovered recovered and the number of patients who died.

This is an unprecedented situation sending shock wave to the world.

More persons, on tests, diagnosed positive which requires quarantine.

Reflecting the severity of the situation, most of the countries are trying their best to contain the pandemic by lock-down measures.

It is a challenge faced by Government authorities to efficiently manage this restoratory illness which has complex impacts and spreading rapidly

The obstacles in dealing with this pandemic efficiently depends on availability of beds for the patients which is a serious concern

Availability of Testing Kits, PPEs etc are added issues

Perhaps, this is the plight of 200 countries with slight difference on its impact against respective country's economy, damage control policies and restoration measures, depending up on their understanding the seriousness of the virus.
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Gold Member
Gold Member
Now what keeps me going .
Various Humour club postings on youtube.Kapil sharma shows;Sampath Saral , Mylapore humour club and other comedy serials

Increased consumption of all types of sweete and savouries and inceased food consumption

More online music both filmy and non filmy classicals

Avoiding poltical news, debates, refusing to read

news stories of death and destruction

Self quaratine and isolation is even a boon .No need to engage in small talk if one has a face mask and maintains social distance .

Playing the stock market five days a week .more for engaging oneself than money making.It has given me hours of pleasure


New member
Reports are that this deadly virus has killed over two lakh humans apart from infecting several lakhs more and handing death threats to the rest of the humanity.

In fact, a section of Senior citizens are exploiting lock down time to their advantage. It has brought many changes in their daily routine. They are going for regular walks taking all precautions. Some sweat pretty much and take lot of fresh air in the court yard while others walk on the open roof exposing their body to morning sun rays.

They are well aware of the boredom, depression, etc caused by loneliness.

They spend more times with their grandchildren. They play with them

Some of the able ones also take up house hold chores.

Some are grooming pets.

Corona virus (COVID-19) has changed the consumer behaviour and may evolve. Thanks to advances, malls have started video shopping with door delivery options like Big Basket, Daily Ninja, Medlife, etc. Of course, there is Swiggy, Zomato, etc etc to reach more customers and provide food.

News Channels from around the globe provides updates. There is abundant entertainment with Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotspot, etc etc coming up with top ten movies and serials.

A friend of mine told me that he is enjoying the Chariot Race scenes of BENHUR.

They are having merry time with their own long time hobbies and pastime like cross word puzzles, newspaper reading, etc

They renew their contacts, chat with their lost friends, relatives, ex-colleagues, etc

Intense efforts are on to prevent its spread, help those infected by best treatment,

Major countries are struggling to find a cure and develop a vaccine against it.

A battle is going on around the globe….and senior citizens know better to stay safe


Gold Member
Gold Member
By the way , Gold prices may hit a new high.Many

sre shifting from shares to Gold ETF.

Real estate is in doldrums.

Volatile share market is good only for same day

trades or btst

My favourites are penny stocks like vodaidea,Iob,jp

associates vakrangee .Buy them in thousands and

sell same day or next


Gold Member
Gold Member
I am informed by a relative in Hosur nearby that veg

prices and provisiions are hitting highs .In

bengalore of course BBMP trucks supply veggies at

low prices at society gates.

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Jobs are scares .Bank jobs may loose luster but still preferred - Unlike other sectors banking has neither cut the jobs nor the pay till date as feared by employees

My son draws the same pay - pay increase and promotion kept in abeyance (Yes bank)

The story is different in HDFC - D in L is promoted to Sr Vice President with higher salary - She got 50% hike in bonus as well. She has exesiced her ESOP fully.


Gold Member
Gold Member
Yes bank was salvaged by Sbi bank consortium.

With Rana kapoor getting removed there is clean up

Shares at a low of 13

Their new Fpo got subsribed at 93%.

Did you son get allotment as employee ?

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
FPO of Yes Bank. The shares alloted at at a price band Rs 12 & 13 will be in your Dmat today after closing date of issue - a gap of 7 trading sessions. I remember on the day of opening of issue it was trading at Rs.20 falling by 20.% of previous days trading ! If this trend continued in 7 days gap to days it should be trading bet Rs 12 & 13 only - Nothing to write home about.

My son bought just to avarage the cost - Previous Purchase prize was high Now it is around Rs40 after FPO allotment!


Gold Member
Gold Member
Tks JJ ji
I applied for 2000shares and got it in my account.
My obectiv is short time .if it increases 15% I will sell it off

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
What is today's price ?

Mounting NPA of both PSB and Private sector may become unmanageable . The Yes Bank/IDBI solutions not likely to be repeated - The soltion for PSBs like IOB could be disinvestment !


Gold Member
Gold Member
Iob is a disinvestmement candidate
I normally buy it wlhen it is near 10 or lower and sell it when it hits 11 plus. Today it is 10.4

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Yes Bank - I think it will slide further and bottom out at around Rs9

HDFC bank - Aditya Puri is to be relieved on October - . 3 days ago he sold his stocks worth around around 800 cortes !

Does it send any signals?

My D in L's promotion takes effect on Oct 1st. Hope she will be accommodated in


Gold Member
Gold Member
No .yes bank will not go down so much .In case of large scale selling it may hit circuit again and stabilise thereafter .Those who bought it for quick profit will exit .
Aditya Puri" s exit will cause minor dip. In hdfc bank.It is a better managed bank ..Your Dil should do well.M y best wishes.


Gold Member
Gold Member
Aditya puri has off loaded 800 crores worth shares hence dip in hdfc bank shares.

It may dip more. Waiting to buy it below 1000


Gold Member
Gold Member
Promotions are becoming difficult in all banks and

it services and product companies.

Increments are withheld or meagre

Most professionnals are hoping for end of covid and return to normalcy

Janaki Jambunathan

Well-known member
Real estate in doldrums (#7)

My lake facing flat in Bangalore rented out to the promoter of the property - to run a service apartment . Till 2 months back the rent , net of TDS was credited to my bank a/c. on 5th of every month regularly.

Now it is Turing to be NPA due to default in rental payment - Blame it on Corona - 0 occupancy coupled with mounting maintance cost leading to heavy loss and cash flow - he explained as the reason for default when contacted.

My elder son bought a luxury flat ( promoted by Sobha ) in strategic location before Electronic City as investment at high cost . The Grahapravesam done in the Month தை - Not able to let it out so far - There are no takers for high-end flats. Prudent to invest in low end flats that could be in the "affordable rent " Category. - if you want to invest in real estate.

High investment but no returns! Hope thing to improve!

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