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Suchindrum Temple

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Dear Friends,

Suchindrum is a famous Pilgrim centre in Tamil Nadu. This plae situates 5 Kms. from Nagercoil and on the way to Kanyakumari. When you enter this place, first you can see one Higher Secondary School named SMSM Higher Secondary School. This School was started during Travancore State period by the then Maharaja. then you can see a very big Tank/Pond named Teppakkulam surrounde by Residential houses. Then you can see the big Chariots, 4 nos. near to this Temple. Temple is huge one facing East with a high Gopuram. The main deity in this Temple is Sthanumalayan. Sthanu -Sivan, Mal - Vishnu and Ayan - Brahma. All these Thrimurthis are situated in one, is the main deity. Then you can see a very tall Anjaneyar on the North East of the Temple. There are lot of stories inside this Temple. When Lord Indran was cursed by the Mahirishi and his entire body was full of eyes. This Mahirishi also gave him Sapampksham when Indran came to this Temple and worshipped Lord Thanumalayan. So Indran was cured by this. In Malayalam, Suchi means, cleanliness. Indran Suchiyana place is called Suchindrum.
Rest is after the comments from members, if any.
Dear Subra

If you have anymore regarding this, just share... Dont wait for responses. Afterall this is for sharing things na... So dont hide sir.

1. Suchindram is the place where sage athri lived with his wife Anusya. To check her chastity, thrimurthis went there and with her chaste power she changed three to small children. After hearing the request of uma-lakshmi-parvathi, she turned them again as thrimurthis.

2. While calling the children, they played in a plantain garden and they hided themselves behind plaintain trees. When she called "peya" shiva came out of a tree and hence the variety known as "PEYAN"; similarly she called "mukunda" and there comes "MONDAN" and she called "poovaa" for brahma and there comes "POOVAN" varieties of plaintain

3. Suchindram Hanumar is much more famous even than Shri Thanumalayaswami

4. Suchindram is consider as shakti peetam also. Though, the actual sakthi peetam is not located in the temple. It is considered that a mariamman temple, located in the suchindram is the actual sakthi peetam (Mun uditha nangai temple).

5. Like thiruvarur, here also the archakar who did arthajama pooja wont do the nirmalya pooja. It is on the basis that Indra do pooja here everyday.

6. The thanumalaya swamy from suchindram only went to marry shri Kanyakumari amman.

7. Sthanu means genderless (Neutral gender); so, this thanumalayan means sakthi-sivan, vishnu, and brahma.


If any other details please provide sir...
SuchindrumTemple: AnjaneyaSwamy.

Namaskarams: In our childhood days(1950's), we had occasion to take part in the annual SreeRamaNavami festival in Nagarkovil a few times: AanjaneyaSwamy was the key Deity in an important part of the festival. we were encouraged to chant "AanjaneyaVeera, AanumanthaSoora, Vaayukumaara, VaanaraVeera...."in a very loud voice in chorus. in the (brahmin)street where we lived (the Manikoondu was just behind our house!), Suchindrum Hanumanji was reverred as a great God and GuardianDeity: it was believed (it is believed even today?-- i am out of touch, need to be updated!) that the huge idol of Aanjaneyar in the Suchindrum temple(with all powers delegated to Him by the Trinity of Gods), grew a few centimeters in height every year! whether that is a fact or not -- the Illustrated Weekly Of India, Ed:ASRaman, did some researched article on that in the mid 1950's, i think-- the Grace of the Lord and His blessings were received in great measure by quite a few nagarkovil devotees, some among them may be reading this and may be in a position to throw more light on the SuchindrumTemple! -- rj.
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