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Stop using words like Spirituality

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Because Francois Gautier is such a divisive man, anything he says is suspect.
I used to be his fan. Some of what he says I agree with. But I disagree with his methods and his virulent writing style.

Francois Gautier, the France-born, India-based journalist of “Nostradamus predicted the rise of Narendra Modi” fame, is a pained man. He recently, as is his charitable wont, took up cudgels on behalf of “Hindu pride”, raising an important point: “Why should Aamir Khan, a Muslim, play in most ancient and sacred of Hindu epics, the Mahabharata?”

Gautier was reacting to reports of a planned on-screen adaptation of Mahabharat, in which Khan could possibly play Krishna.

Only, turns out, Hindus don’t seem to care about the issue as hotly as Gautier does. His comments sparked a tweet-war, with lyricist Javed Akhtar taking the lead in calling out his communal statements, and a lot of Hindus chimed in to say they were perfectly fine with Khan as Krishna, thank you very much.

A bitter Gautier later posted: “It’s funny, when I objected to Aamir Khan playing Lord Krishna in Mahabharat, most of those who trolled me, saying I was raking-up communal disharmony, were Hindus. Show how much Nehruvianism has taken firm roots in the intellectual class of Hindus’ minds and how much the spirit of Kashtrianism in Hindus has fallen down. Shame to a nation and a people, who lose the pride in their culture and spirituality and are ready to abandon it to a religion who repeatedly raped, enslaved and massacred their temples, men, women and children. Shame on you Hindus !”

Not open for further replies.

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