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Sri Ramajayam/ Sita Kalyanam

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Hello friends,

My PhD thesis on Vedas is taking a shape and editing is going on.
I received a mail from a boy from U.S. He is from Tamil Nadu.

When Ramayana was written, Rama went with a sage at the age of 7., He married Sita in the absence of his family members and citizens, soon he landed in Ayodhya his thrown was seized., he left for forest and when he was in forest he lost his father, to karma he didn't go to Ayodhya and lite pyre for his father. Not seen his mother after his father's demise., his brothers also didn't bothered to visit him after that sccene., when Sita was kidnapped, Rama didn't get help both by warriors and finance from his native, he was solely depend on South Indians and went to Lanka, killed Ravana and affected by Brimhahaththi sin. then he returned to Ayodhya, and drew his wife Sita to Forest again and there she delivered a boy. Again he lost his boy and he was traced.,, and so on.,

Now the question
When all these immoral things happened why the marriage occassions they sing Rama kalayana vibhogame, Rama Kalyana Vaibhogame.and in all sacred letters and invitations why are you putting Sri Rama Jayam on Top?

Does any of members can clarify?

I am searching an answer in our Vedas and sure I will get but it may take time.

I asked this question to our seniors who are aged 80 and up.

No one replied but requested me to answer them once I get the answer.

Please don't remove this thread telling this is against our culture.

Please post your views and give chance to others to read and reply
I will add one more point. In the entire Bhagavatham only Rugmini has been mentioned as Krishna's official wife. Where as there is no Rukmini Kalyanam or no body sings Rukmini Kalyana Vaibhavame - Why? If you know the answer - you will have the answer for Seetha Kalyana Vaibhavame? ( BTW there is no Rama kalyana Vaibhavame !! It is either Seetha, Radha or Gowri )
Here is findings

Rama means Dark side/ Black which means the Universe, where the Planets are located. The activities and the vibrations and electromagnetic forces created by the Sun,, Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury forms a woven, and forms as Madhu Vidya, and lands in earth, the Boomi, reflects in creating lives and make the Earth as lovable one.

Here Rama means, the Universe and Sita means the earth.

When Rama and Sita, Coincides Earth deliverce the life energy.

Secondly, Sri Rama Jayam at the beginning of a letter or invitation.

The person who performs the holy yagnas, invite the auspicious Universe to help him and make the purpose a sucess with the blessings from the Universe.

So Rama is the Universe and Sita is the Earth.
Rama Nama is more powerful than Lord Rama himself. This was demonstrated by Hanuman several times in the Ramayana. That is why we put `Sri Rama Jayam' in the top of the letter.

Lord Rama lived like a human being and never revealed that he an avatar of Lord Mahavishnu. He along with Sita underwent suffering throughout his life like a normal human being but at the same time never attempted to deviate from the path of Dharma. It is a lesson for all of us that inspite of our sufferings on day to day life, we should not deviate from moral and ethical values. Inspite of all the sufferings, Rama was totally loyal to Sita and Sita was also totally loyal to Rama. That is why Sita kalyanam is praised.

It is not the case in Krishna avatar where the Lord revealed his powers several times. Lord Krishna was not loyal to one lady in the avatar. We have to follow the teachings of Krishna (Baghavath Geetha) but should live like Lord Rama only.
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