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sree vishnu chalisa

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20.Ravi sam chakra dvitiya kar dhare
khal dal danav sainya sanhare.

In another hand you hold a wheel shining like Sun,
So that you can kill, host of very bad asuras.

andal pori-2.jpg
21.Tritiya hast mahan gada prakashan
sada tap-traya-pap vinashan.

In your third hand the great mace shines,
Which always removes three types of suffering and sin.

22.Padma chaturth hath mahah dhare
chari padarath dene hare.

In your fourth hand you hold a lotus flower,
Which gives the four goodies viz Dharma, Wealth , passion and salvation.

bal 1.jpg
23.Vahan Garud manogativana
tihun tyagat, jan hit Bhagvana.

You travel on Garuda who travels as fast as mind,
Whom you forsake for the sake of good of the people.

bal 2.jpg
24.Pahunchi tahan pat rakhat svami
ko Hari sam bhaktan anugami.

You reach there , where you are needed,
For who in the world can follow their devotees like Hari.

bal 3.jpg
25.Dhani-dhani mahima again ananta
dhanya bhaktavatsal Bhagvanta.

Blessed is your greatness which is beyond senses and endless
Blessed are you who loves your devotees.

gundu andal amma.jpg
26.Jab-jab surahin asur dukhdinha
taba tab prakati, kasht Hari linha.

Whenever asuras gave trouble to devas,
At all those times you came and removed their problems.

radhoo 512.jpg
27.Sab sur-muni Brahmadi Maheshu
sahi na sakyo ati kathin kaleshu

28.Tab tahan dhari bahu rup nirantar
mardyo-dal danvahi bhayahkar.

When devas , sages , Brahma and Shiva,
Were not able to bear their difficulties,
Then you assumed very many different forms,
And permanently destroyed those fearsome asuras

radhoo 513.jpg
29.Shaiyya shesh, Sindhu bich sajit
sang Lakshmi sada-virajit.

30.Puran shakti dhanya-dhan-khani
anand bhakti bharani sukh dani.

Your bed was Adhi sesha, spread out on the sea,
And with you forever shined Goddess Lakshmi,
With full powers , Who is the mine of blessed wealth ,
And giver of joy, devotion , pleasure and wealth.

radhoo 514.jpg
31.Jasu virad nigamagam gavat
sharad shesh par nahin pavat.

You are the one whose fame is sung by Vedas and shastras ,
But even Adhi Sesha and Sarswathi cannot find your end

radhoo 515.jpg
32.Rema Radhika Siya sukh dhama
sohi Vishnu Krishna aru Rama.

You gave joy to Lakshmi ,. Radha and Sita,
In your forms of Vishnu, Krishna and Rama respectively.

radhoo 516.jpg
33.Aganit rup anup apara
nirgun sagun svarup tumhara.

Innumerable, incomparable and great are your forms,
They are also forms with and without quality.

krishna kan chimitti.gif
34.Nahin kachhu bhed ved as bhashat
bhaktan se nahin antar rakhat.

For the Vedas there is no difference between them,
And there is also no difference between you and your devotees.
35.Shri Prayag-Durvasa-dhama
Sundardas Tivari grama.

36.Jag hit lagi tumahin Jagdisha
nij-mati rachyo Vishnu-chalisa.

Oh Lord, this Vishnu Chalisa was composed,
By Sundardas of Tivari village to his best of ability,
At the hermitage of Durvasa,
For the good of the world.
37.Jo chit dai nit padhat padhavat
puran bhakti shakti sarsavat.

38.Ati sukh vasat, ruj rin nasat
vaibhav vikashat, sumati prakashat.

Those who with devotion read this,
Or make others read it will be blessed,
With full devotion , strength and knowledge.
They would live with great happiness,
Recover completely from diseases and debt,
Would become wealthy and get good thoughts.
39.Avat sukh, gavat shruti sharada,
bhashat Vyas-bachan rishi Narad.

40.Milat subhag phal shok nasavat
ant samaya jan Han pad pavat.

Pleasures would come, sings Goddess Saraswathi,
So also tell sage Vyasa and sage Narada,
Sorrows will vanish good will come,
And at the end people would get salvation.
Prem sahit gahi dhyan mahan, hridai bicha Jagdish,
Arpit Shaligram kahan, kari Tulasi nit shish.
Kshan bhangur tanu jani, kari ahankar parihar.
Sar rup Ishvar lakhai, taji asar sansar,
Satya shodh kari ur gahai, ek Brahma Onkar,
Atma bodh hovai tabai, milai mukti ke dvar.
Shanti aur sadbhav kahan, jab ur phulahin phul,
Chalisa phal lahahin jan, rahahi Ish anukul.
Ek path jan nit karai, Vishnu dev chalis,
Jai Sri Vishnu !
Char padarath navahun nidhi, deyan Dvarikadhis

This prayer should be sung with love ,
After making the great Lord sit in your heart,
Basil flowers should be offered to Shaligram,
Understanding that the body is transient you should leave out all pride,
And then Know that the lord is the only reality and the world is due to him,
Also do basic study on truth and find that “Om” is Brahmam,
And then you will understand who you are and Would reach the gates of salvation,
And if peace and goodwill are there , You would definitely get the fruits,
And if you know these forty verses, God will be on your side.
If these forty verses are read daily and you wish victory to Vishnu,
The Lord Of Dwaraka would give you four rewards and nine treasures.
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