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sree vishnu chalisa

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1.Jai jai jai shri jagat pati, jagadadhar anant
Vishveshvar akhilesh aj, Sarveshvar Bhagvant.

Victory, Victory to the Lord of the world ,
The one who carries the world and is the endless one
Lord of the universe, Lord of everywhere,
He who was not born , Lord of all beings and God.

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13.Shyam saroruh sam tan sohat
darsha karat, sur nar muni mohat.

Your body which is black like a dark lotus,
Is being seen by devas, men and sages .
13.Bhal vishal mukut shir sajat
ura vaijanti mal virajat.

You have broad forehead and
Your head is finely decorated by a crown,
And your chest shines with the garland Vaijayanthi.

14,Tirchhi Bhrikuti chap janu dhare
tin-tar nain kamal arunare.

Your arched eye brow looks like a bow,
And the eyes below are like the red lotus flowers.
16.Janu mani pankti dashan man bhavan
basan pit tan param suhavan.

Your set of teeth , set like a row of gems is bewitching,
And your body dressed in yellow is indeed charming.
17.Rup chaturbhuj bhushit bhushan
varad hast, mochan bhav dushan.

Your form with four hands decorated by ornaments,
And your blessing hands remove sins and lead to freedom.

andal kalyanam-2.jpg
18.Kanjarun sam kartal sundar
sukh samuh gun madhur samundar.

Your palms are pretty looking like red lotus,
And leads to lot of good and are a sweet nectar like sea.

azhagan rengamannar andal.jpg
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