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Spirituality and Technology for Self and Socio economic development

Spiritual energy can not only be used to control crime and violence but there are many applications oriented towards both self and society. Transportation, communication, education are major applications.
Chennai and Bangalore should see reduction in crime and violence. Other places and other applications to follow soon.
I have developed a way by which I can transfer spiritual energy onto anything and that anything can be used to solve almost any problem. This seems to work better than transferring energy directly to where the problem exists.

Anyone can test it for free.
True revolutions dont disturb in a visible way. The changes are fundamentally internal that spontaneously manifest at the external. The problem with the present systems is that they are corrupt at the inner. No external changes would do any good. If you change inwardly then things automatically manifest. But complete inward changing is extremely challenging. So some pressure at the external level may haste real change.
Crime and violence and corruption in Chennai and Bangalore should be under control.

Working on bringing temperature in Chennai and Bangalore under control.
The product I have developed exhibits true intelligence and not pseudo intelligence because it is based on spiritual energy which is intelligent and has genuine problem solving capabilities.

What is so aggressively touted as artificial intelligence by the westerners is really hollow. As usual it is hard core marketing with little useful substance.
It is pseudo because it does not elevate real well being. It may increase ones wealth but definitely not elevate self. Actually corrupts self.

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