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Spirituality and Technology for Self and Socio economic development

Quality of life seems to be the holy grail. Nobody seems to have any clue about it. The poor have no comforts and so physically wrecked. The rich are always in the chasing game and so mentally wrecked. The middle class are made to believe they are not doing well in either.

The discontentment is what the politicians and vested interests can play upon.
The public have been sold on the importance of money and power and on lowly satisfactions. They have dumbed the intellect of the public. The world is in control of a very few nations or may be few people. Technology has made it really worse.
AI has potential for lot more bad than good. It is good at western notion of intelligence which is pragmatic not the type of intelligence that can elevate people. People will use it for their selfish ends and the real control of society will be with a very few.
Very good progress in understanding the workings of nature. The ultimate goal to develop technology powered by the intelligence of spiritual energy.
Very good progress in understanding the workings of nature. The ultimate goal to develop technology powered by the intelligence of spiritual energy.
Maya is a reality. That's my understanding and experience. Advaita is the truth.
The physical mental world is biased towards the ugra personality. The points made by Renuka are apt. Even if we consider the treta and satya yuga this holds. There are many villains even in those yugas but not many heroes in the dwapara or kali yuga. God is the only hero in these yugas.
Science has to get more fundamental if it is to get a good understanding of nature. The most fundamental idea is that of energy. Science has just understood that as the capacity to do work. Does that massively simplistic understanding work? Not at all. Unless you get into the real nature of energy you are prone to be very superficial in understanding. You are just describing the mechanics which may or may not work in the future.

The real crux is in the nature of energy. Everything including the scientists are made of it. Spiritual energy is already giving them a very hard time. They should have gotten wiser hopefully.
The imprisoned self

It is great tragedy and truth that most or almost all of us do not use our natural mind and brain when thinking. All of our thinking conform to a norm set by society. Unfortunately that norm does not let most of us express our abilities and get elevated in thinking. It is ironical that most of the popular and famous people are responsible for the norm. The common man is supposed to subscribe to it.

Also people are conditioned to seek other's approval. That is one of biggest curses in thinking. The canny and the vested interests exploit that fact to the hilt and make others literally dance to their tune.

The best way out of uncritically subscribing to norm and seeking others approval is to form a group of like minded people who want to think on their own and in accordance with righteousness and fairness. Only a group will have the stamina and means to counter well entrenched behaviours.

I guarantee there will be a social revolution if people begin to think on their own. Such is the potential of each person which is now wasted away as nothing.
They can begin to courageously oppose anything imposed upon them and bring about fairness in society.

If as a single person I feel I have the power to oppose the unjustness of the society why can't a well organized and motivated group ?

Think about it folks. You have to make yourself count and not live and perish without being noticed.
Technology for evil purposes is meeting its deserved end. They put all their intelligence, knowledge , time and other resources into overpowering natural telepathy but time and again finding themselves most inadequate to the task.
Idiot box

Television is called that. What an apt name. Seeing most of the channels including the programs featuring prominent individuals of society, one definitely gets that impression. But one has to get out of the mode of watching something entertaining and think seriously about whether they are worth ones time and all the resources spent on them. Almost none of them pass the test. Everything is orchestrated and geared towards making people more and more dumb and stupid.

A few people are playing the show and making an ass of everybody else.

It is just not the TV. I think i will stop here.
Technology though makes life easier in some ways definitely has great potential for misuse. Beyond a point unless there is commensurate elevation in thinking it can be even totally destructive. Especially with technology making great strides we need to understand that destructive potential to steer it in the right direction.

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