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Solar Eclipse/Surya Grahanam

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Dear all,

We all know what Solar Eclipse is?

Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that the Sun is fully or partially covered.

In our religion/tradition we call it - "Surya Grahanam" and we believe that two dragons - Rahu and Ketu makes an attempt to swallow the Sun.

As well based on astrology we determine as whom all would have negative impacts of this Grahanam as per their Rasi and or Lagna and advise them to perform "Aaradhanai" to Navagraham in the temple.

Since I believe in religious concepts and rules, I certainly believe the impact of "Surya Grahnam" and would be visiting temple to perform pooja. I believe majority of people do the same.

1) I would like to know as whether this religious practice would be just a belief and is it not attracting any importance from other groups of people who could not find any logic in this and would not accept the belief.

2) As well I would like to know as how Vaishnavas consider this event and whether they believe in some sort of worship? If yes what sort of worship they indulge in during this Grahanam? (as they don't believe in worshiping Navagraham - as per my knowledge)

Would be happy to receive various views, opinions and information pertaining to my query that would help me to gain some knowledge.

Thank you all in advance.
Dear Ravi

During eclipses, we put "tharpai" in all eatables and other items. Even in the windows, doors and why not near swami photos...

Once we experimented this. (long back 7-8 years before). We kept 2 jars of pickles (the same pickle shared in two jars) under the rays of eclipse. (You know well that pickles are well-known for their longevity). But unexpectedly, the pickle shown under the rays without the grass started rotting and the otherone remained as such.

Just for the childhood play we did that. But the result was amazing. Even many scientists are also accepting the emptying stomach during that time and all.

In our myths also, story goes like this. The rahu swallows sun and ketu swallows moon. Both are well-known as "chaya grahas" (Shadow planets). Now the scientific truth is because of the shadow of sun and earth, eclipses are forming.

Likewise, everything related to this eclipse is perfect with our ancestors. The rays they said that "harmful". Now scientists said that they are near UV rays reaching the earth during that time.

Since rays are reaching and touching us, a simple worship and archana can be done to purify ourselves (to keep our body and mind fresh, we take bath after nimilanam), we can go to temples...

The Solar Eclipse happens when the rays of the Sun , is blocked along with Moon, Bhudan and Sukran. The View on Hindu Calender is entirly different.
The Vibration of the moon on particular nakashatra is not activated and hence it affects the next Nakashatra. The Vibration of the Moon is so great which is resposible for our growth and old age.

The Dharbai can with hold the vibrations and hence we are putting that in the eatables. It takes away the alkalinity from Milk, Curd, tamarind etc, and settle them with acidity.
If we put Dharbha, it will absorb those vibrations.
there must be some truth about the negative effects of eclipses.
when i was small, i stayed in a house right on the hill top surrounded by a jungle.
whenever there was an eclipse all the birds,monkeys,jungle dogs will be extremely silent and would not come out of their hiding till the eclipse was technically over.
next time when there is an eclipse observe the behaviour of animals around your area.
Thank you all for valuable feedback...

Dr.Renuka ji,

First time I could now that animal and birds react peculiarly during eclipse through you. Its very interesting to know this. Thank you so much..

But I think we could not get the answers for two of my doubts on religious point of view.
I have also seen animals mis-behaving before occurance of natural calamities. Few hours before earth qauke, I have seen cows behaving in a restless manner. Probably they know in advance that something is going to happen. But unless we make a detailed study, we cannot conclude anything.

All the best
dear all,
read this.interesting.

Title: Sheep behaviours during a total solar eclipse.
Personal Authors: Özbey, O.
Author Affiliation: Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Firat University, 23119, Elazig, Turkey.
Editors: No editors
Document Title: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

The effects of a total solar eclipse on sheep behaviour were observed. The total solar eclipse occurred in Elazýg, Turkey, on 11 August 1999. A total of 150 sheep in an open shelter were observed for 6 h (from 11.00 to 17.00 h). All the behaviours of sheep that were different than the usual ones were recorded. The sheep started to show different behaviours including standing up, smelling the air and watching the surroundings at 30 min before solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse occurred between 14.37 and 14.39 h. During the total solar eclipse, the sheep became quiet and did not move. Moreover, the sheep turned their faces toward the sun. The behaviour of sheep during the total solar eclipse was different compared to that during normal sunset. The sheep might behave similarly during earthquakes.

Publisher: Grace Publications Network
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