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Sathya Sai Baba passes away

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Life is a dream
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Just breaking on all TV channels.

from Zee News
Reports said on Sunday that Sri Sathya Sai Baba has passed away, hours after his condition deteriorated further and his organs stopped responding to treatment.

Reports said Sai Baba breathed last at 7.30 am this morning.

Family members were called in this morning at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences where Sai Baba was undergoing treatment.

Security was also tightened in Puttaparthi before the news was passed on to the media.

The 86-year-old Sai Baba was hospitalised on March 28 following problems related to heart and respiration.

/* do not use this thread for any other purposes. If you do not like him, keep it to yourself and do not trample on other's sensitivity and beliefs */
Truth is the mother
Wisdom is the father
Right Conduct is the brother
Compassion is the friend
Peace is the spouse
Forgiveness is the son
These six alone are the real relations for everyone
For they bring much bliss within~ Sai Baba
A great soul has disappeared for us. The goodness of it will reflect in the more than 1300 Institutions he has created for all. He is a great Compromise in today's world of warring groups or races. Long live his memory
memories dont die like people do.please remember bhagavan sathya sai baba always,mrithyor ma amritham gamaya,sai ram ,love you swami.
Dear Bhagawan Baba,

You knew me when I was just a baby when you came in my mums dream and held me in your arms when we didnt even know You.
I was sick then and after the dream I was cured..only years later we became devotees when my elder brother brought your pic home and then we knew that its your Mahima all long and we were glad You chose us.

You saved my once dying mum who is healthy today when doctors couldnt do anything..There is nothing You havent done for us and Baba, you know even if miracles never happened to us I still knew your were Divine..I just knew it and never had second thoughts..

How can I ever forget the countless dreams I have had of You where You even taught me Mantras cos I had no Guru..

The dream I had 2 days ago where You waved to me a final goodbye was clear to me that You were leaving Your Mortal coil and thats why i dedicated the Jab Koi Baat song in this Forum..

I dont mind typing all this for the whole world to see..I dont want to hide cos wherever I go I will sing Your name..Jahan Jahan Main Jaata Sai Geeta Tumhare Gaata

I am not crying cos I know You are Sanathana.. You never really left..You are still very much with us..

Dear Bhagawan..You came, You saw and You conquered the World..
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matha pitha bandhu sakha guru pathni..sab tumhi ho bhagavan sab tumhi ho ,sai ram sai ram.maybe now n 2018 @ gunaparthi,mandya,karnataka as prema sai baba.love you swami,love you.renu thanks for sharing,my dear sister.
His most distinguishing feature, apart from his divinity perceived personally by his devotees, was that he was a spiritual guru as well as a servant of humanity. His divinity will survive for ever and be felt by his devotees; it is for us to follow his spiritual teachings; and it is for his associates to continue his services to humanity.

No tribute can measure his greatness, no scorn could diminish it, and no physical parting can remove him from the hearts of his devotees. He was a great soul who declared that not only was he God, but everyone of us has that potential to become one (with God).
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I am not competent to talk about his spirituality and religiosity..however, I understand that he built an enormous Trust, which feeds millions of hungry, educates kids and medically treats poor and the sick...

For that I salute him.. as people say "All good things come to an end".

That's the dictates of Nature, I suppose.
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Sri Sathya Sai Baba was a respected spiritual leader who had a great following all over the world.

I join the millions who pay homage to this noble soul.

வாழ்க சாய் ராம்!

மனித தெய்வங்கள் பலர் உண்டு;
இனிய இவர்போல் எவர் உண்டு?

சாந்தம் தவழும் சுந்தர வதனம்;
காந்தம் போல, கவரும் தினமும்!

சித்தம் சிறக்க, சித்துக்கள் பற்பல,
நித்தம் புரிந்திடுவார் இவர், நன்கு!

மோகம் தீர்க்கவே சிலர் போதித்தார்;
தாகம் தீர்த்தும், பகவான் சாதித்தார்!

பெரும் பொருளைச் சேர்த்த பின்னே,
வெறும் பகட்டிலே பலரும் ஆவலாக,

பெறும் பெரும் பொருளைப் பகிர்ந்து,
அரும் சாதனை, எத்தனை செய்தார்!

ஏழை எளியோர் மட்டும் அல்லாது,
பேழை வழியச் செல்வம் உள்ளோர்,

பணிந்து, வாழ்வில் சிறந்து, மனம்
கனிந்து, சாயி புகழையே பாடினர்!

உலக மக்கள் அனைவரையும், ஒரு
அழகுக் குடையின் கீழே வைத்தவர்!

ஜாதி மதமென பேதங்கள் இல்லாத,
சாயி பக்தர்கள், குடும்பம் ஆயினர்!

பூத உடல்தான் மறைந்தால் என்ன?
பேதம் இன்றி வாழ்ந்திட வைத்தவர்,

என்றும் நீங்காது, நினைவில் நின்று,
என்றும் மங்காத புகழைப் பெற்றார்!

வாழ்க சாய் ராம்!

:hail: . :hail: . :hail:
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I am one of those initial skeptics turned into a believer though I have never had any personal miracles happening in my life. I turned into a believer for just a couple of reasons. Even if I just look into his photograph which adorns my pooja room, all I see is just love in his eyes. Whenever I attend the weekly bhajan (which I don't attend regularly) the silence that precedes the bhajan and the discipline is something divine. If a soul like Baba can bring that discipline of silence not through force but probably love to a gathering of Indians who would otherwise like to chatter away to glory, to me he is god. The bhajans which invokes the names of various gods and goddesses irrespective of religion shows that here is a soul who has united all people irrespective of their background.

I am thankful that I had his darshan at least once during the Athirudram in Chennai otherwise that would have been a kurai in my life forever.

Oh, Baba, though not here physically your spirit is ever there with us.
From an email that i received ,

sathya sai baba indeed lived with us in a physical body for 96 years (approx) and in his athmic body forever with us,as per sathya sai speaks volumes of books and video clippings available...sai ram sai ram sai ram Sai ram

Hindu moon monthly calendar has 27.3 (approx) days as stars starting from Aswini upto Revathi.

Name Value (days) Definition
sidereal month 27.32166155 with respect to the distant stars (13.36874634 passes per solar orbit) .
synodic month 29.53058886 with respect to the Sun (phases of the Moon, 12.36874634 passes per solar orbit).
tropical month 27.321582 with respect to the vernal point (precesses in ~26,000 years)
anomalistic month 27.554550 with respect to the perigee (recesses in 3232.6054 days = 8.8504 years)
draconic (nodical) month 27.212220815 with respect to the ascending node (precesses in 6793.4765 days = 18.5996 years)

So (85 x 365) / (27.3 x 12) = 95.27.. (approx) years and days

This is what Swamy would have said long long long ago.

If you calculate the number of days He was on this earth and the number of times the moon takes to rotate the earth

( which is a month- actually 27.3 days) it comes up to 95- 96 years (approx)!

And if you calculate the day you are born as the first year ( per the Hindu calendar) He was actually 96!

Bhagawan did exactly as He said He would!

Sai Ram
Hi All:

How blessed I am to have found this forum!! Hi All, I am new here, live in Toronto and from Chennai.

Why did I cry when I saw the news that Bhagwan Baba had passed on, yet I could not stop crying when I was so blessed to have his
dharshan this past December in Prashanthi. He was in his wheelchair and looked little unwell, yet with his infinite compassion, gave dharshan
to his devotees. I went to PParthi just for a day, many people told me he was unwell and may not give dharshan. Yet I said to myself if He will
I would be lucky. I was numb in his presence, felt only His love and compassion pouring through His eyes. They were electrifying, that power
is enough to guide you through the rest of your life.

How could one person make so much impact on your life? He only taught love and tolerance to one another with no difference to where
you came from and what your beliefs are. No agenda, no money sought, all that with no condition.

I cannot wait for the day I could go back to His presence, to Prashanthi or in my death, to be in front of Him and thank him for all
that He meant to me. With so much greed, contempt, and sorrow around me, He lives in me with the guiding light to raise above all
this filth.

I love you Baba.
Sai Ram Krishna Rehman Sai Geeta Ved Puran
chahe Ram kaho Rehman kaho
chahe shyam kaho bhagwan kaho

mera Sai Sabhi main samayaa, sab par uski chayaa
Sai Ram Krishna
Sai ke darbar main dekhaa, koi nahi hai paraayaa
jo bhi Unki sharan main aayaa, sabko gale lagaayaa
chahe Krishna kaho ya Karim kaho
chahe Ram kaho ya Rahim kaho...mera Sai

duniyaa bhar ke sab santo main, hain Sai ki vaani
jo bhi suntaa usko lagti apni Ram kahani
chahe sur ki ho chahe Mira ki
chahe Nanak ki ya Kabira ki.....mera Sai

Musalmaan ho Hindu, Sikh ho san Sai ke pyaare
Jain Budha ho ya Isaai sab aankhon ke tare
Gita ko padho ya Kuran padhon
Gurubaani padhon ya Kuran padhon.... Mera Sai

साई राम कृष्ण रहमान साई गीता वेद पुराण
चाहे राम कहो रेहमान कहो
चाहे श्याम कहो भगवन कहो

मेरा साई सभी मैं समाया, सब पर उसकी छाया
साई राम कृष्ण
साई के दरबार मैं देखा, कोई नही है पराया
जो भी उनकी शरण मैं आया, सबको गले लगाया
चाहे कृष्ण कहो या करीम कहो
चाहे राम कहो या रहीम कहो...मेरा साई

दुनिया भर के सब संतो मैं, हैं साई की वाणी
जो भी सुनता उसको लगती अपनी राम कहानी
चाहे सुर की हो चाहे मीरा की
चाहे नानक की या कबीरा की.....मेरा साई

मुसलमान हो हिंदू, सिख हो सब साई के प्यारे
जैन बुध हो या इसाई सब आंखों के तारे
गीता को पढो या कुरान पढों
गुरुबानी पढों या कुरान पढों.... मेरा साई
ulagamay sai baba ulagamay sai baba

ammavoom neeyeah appavoom neeyeah sai baba

varuvai varuvai prema sai baba

varuvai varuvai prema sai baba

shirdi sai parthi sai mandya sai

shirdi babab parthi baba mandya baba

jai jai jai

sai ram.

the above is a dedication to my athma guru at the spur of the moment of posting.i love you my brothers and sisters.
Dear Bhagawan Baba,

Since I heard You had shed Your mortal coil..I have not cried but just kept consoling my friends who called me to cry their hearts out.
I had cried before when I had seen You during Darshans but now when I dont see You anymore I havent cried.
I thought that I knew and understood the concept that "You are not the body but Paramaatma" but only yesterday I knew the side effects of You shedding Your Mortal coil on me.
I didnt cry tears..but my appetite diminished and also a real low reading of Blood Pressure.
Dont know how on earth i was still walking around with that low BP reading.
I was crying but not with tears but my "heart failing to pump" as its should.

Today when You are "Laid to Rest" all I can say is

Bhagawan... Happy Birthday..You are reborn in our Hearts

I love You Bhagawan.
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