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Sabri malai

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generaly this is month of sabri malai malai month. many person wear malai to go sabri malai .they wear colour vesti for that. but when they perform the pooja or shradam at they said that they not wear the punchkacham vesti because they wearing the sabri malai malle . this is not correct because their is no any rule that you never wear the white vesti .
It is not the colour veshti or the "maalai" determines the lifestyle to be followed in that month. The heart of the devotee should be like that of a sadhu. They should live a simple life and train themselves to travel in that hill under the cold climate. Certainly this does not deviates people from doing their regular karmas. But, a painful scene is, most of the Swamis smoke and stands in the BAR, thereby decreasing the dignity of the whole pilgrimage...

i think, the 40 day vritham, is one big source of male bonding, across caste divisions. that is the way i look at it.

something like our avani avittam. how many of us folks are that good at keeping count of 1008 times of the required chant?

re cigarette smoking during vritham, sir, these are habits, which have been in vogue only since 500 years, and are fast disappearing in the light of verified health hazards.

durga, sometimes, it is better to let go of such stuff. the man's heart may be pure and sincere, but the weakness of the flesh is something that has to be condoned. n'est pas?
That particular weakness should be controlled... and the very purpose of this vritham is for that only na. Might be drinking and smoking are there own habitual way of living. But when you attained such dignity of "Swami", how can these silly matters disturb you? If these silly matters are disturbing the person, he is not "swami" at all. If he is pure and sincere, then there is no need for him to keepup the vritham at all. Lord ayyappan will come to his place and serve him. Will you agree a swamiji smoking and drinking? The gesture and position is like that na. Yes, I agree with you that it is a gathering among people from various places (Is it a new movie release or a club show or ...). This should actually be a "satsang" to meet people of divine thoughts. Even a single "swami" like this is enough to spoil the whole satsangh at all. Am not saying that on seeing him, others will also do this. But can you mingle your divine thoughts with smoking and drinking. Is it possible to think of a leak in sewage pipe while eating a delicious food???

NOTE: If we people are not performing 1008 times of gayathri japa during that day, that is also a crime (Because once you are committed for that, you should do that. Or else, while the sankalpam itself you should say "Asthothara japa" instead of "Sahasra sankhya". Doing fault is always a fault. How to justify a fault??? (Also I wonder how we will be knowing that a person has not done 1008 times. It is not the job of us to check. It was noway connected with others. Though its a satsang, the interaction is very less).

Hope Iam clear Kunjuppu sir. Also ready for clarifications...

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To Sri Durga Dasan ji, Satsang means were only the Truth is spoken and the gathering of people also will speak the truth. Sabari Malai journy become fashion and it helps the Kerala Govt to earn cores of money,and also provide food for the Kerala arties a handful income. The real is this the human body is two Athma and Pramathma if it understand each other there will be anubuthi to explain this the story was told that Iyappan born to Siva and Vishnu(Mohini), once a person enlightened and the bliss shown him he will witness JOTHI in HIM. The real is this for seeing jothi I dontknow why people are so crazy towards Sabarimalai. Sabari the lady is an example in Ramayanam for true Bakthi and devotion,even though she born in low cast(as oer Story).The well advertisment and Nambiyarthe Cinima actor nourished and boosted the yathera, anyhow one particular state Revenue helps for the welfare of the state. Todays Sabarimalai you neednot follow any vrutham just wear a colour Dothi and few malai took aTaxi and land in the shanithanam. s.r.k.
Esarkey ji

This situation is what that is hurting me a lot. But what we can do. On seeing people like this making a trip to sabarimalai as just a picnic, am loosing my control and outbursts...

I read all the postings
Why do we care about Kerala governments making money? Why do we care about what these guys wear. Shabari Malai yartra is about you and your soul. If you focus on this its a awakening yatrai

i don't know what to say.

not too long ago, the only way to go to thirupathi was to walk up the hill. i think it was only in the 1950s that the bus roads were laid.

with the coming of road, the number of pilgrims increased multifold.

the same is being said of sabarimalai.

with the increase of numbers, there is an inevitable diluting of the processes, especially, if these are rigorous in the first place.

i do not think, any of the 'modernisation' is going to stop. if at all, soon we will have helicopter service too.

such is life. i don't know whether there is any point being anguished by what the others do.

perhaps, it is more important, what we do.

thank you.
To Durga Dasanji, I am also sometime outbursts by seeing peoples foolishness and following like ATTU MANTHAI. Siddher padalgals having 4 types of meaning so before write read each poem 4 times and you will get 4 dif meanings and select the best and post. All siddhers and my Aservadams. Dont look back just go on in your Mission and you will win. regards. S.R.K.
To Kunjuppu sir, Swami vivekkanander used to smoke cigarette, so many sadus in Himalays used to use Kanja, a person obtain in spritutial highness and he will keep body and soul sepprate, he will never disterbed by the worldly thinks, like Ramana Mahareshi undergoing a cancer tretment never advacated anaesthesia for not having Pain since he obtained highest spiritutal level. But todays Sabarimalai yatra is just for fun. Regarding Gayathri manthiram one reqd 24 hours to do 1008 times since the method is so difficult.For each Om one mathra time gap between other buvarswga like that breath control also reqired. In this avsara Yugam convince nos is alright. s.r.k.
Recently lot of members belonging to Dalith community are going to Sabari Malai. For the above community members, once they wear the malai and colour dhothi, they are respected equally by other community members. They get pleasure when other community members call him `swamy'. There may be one or two errant members but that is only an aberation and should not be construed that all the sabari bakthas are not following the vratham. Let us hope everybody follows the rules.

All the best
this correct that the sabri malai yatra some body going for fun but not all going for fun. i am talking aboujt the person who wear the colour dothi and just they avoid the punchkacham for shradam and other pooja activities . colour vesti oru saka vachinda velai panra, that is nit correct.
The gayatri japam 1008 will not take 24 hours.. with correct swaram and pronouse will take maximum 2hours .
Wearing of dress during the sabarimalai visit is only to indicate others that that particular person is on Vratham. It has nothing to do with his routine poojas. In fact if he performs pooja, tharpanam and srardham it will have more effect as he observes brahmacharyam, controlled food habits etc.
penance before Sabarimalai yatra

One is expected to observe vratha before going to Sabarimala with irumudy. Vratham is a sort of penance where you impose certain self restrictions on your lifestyle.Certainly smoking and drinking are tabooed. If you cannot have a self cotrol for this short period of forty days which is self-imposed, then why undertake a trip to Sabarimala.
Dear Arya

The thread gained its importance because of this only. But as per other views, the trip (not vridham) itself has become just a holiday/jollyday trip and also they need some sophistication in name of god. (in particular calling them as "swami").
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