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rock your heart out!!!!

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Céline Dion - The Power Of Love - YouTube

there is a story that during the oscars a few years ago, barbra streisand and celine dionne planned to do this song together. but babs backed out because she felt that she could not match upto the canadian's highs.

celine, at 18, came out all of a sudden from rural quebec. she did not know how to speak english. but with this song, soon became a household name in north america.

here is 'power of love' :)
I never claimed to be feminist. Now got any rock songs to post? thought not....next...

Alisha Chinai sings rock? Let me take out my barf bag...

Now disengaging from Amala, here is a current favorite in our house


Nobody, least of all me claimed that Alisha Chinai sings rock. Don't puke too much!
Just because you're away from the forum a couple of days doesn't mean you have to lose track of who posted what. Do try and keep up! :p
Ok fine, I admit it. I am a fan of Madonna and all her later incarnations such as Alisha Chinai and Lady Gaga. So as my peace offering, here is one of the later ones from Alisha. Sounds pretty good with stereo headphones (Renuka: might be a good accompaniment in the gym too)

Biswa this is for you...I cant get enough of this song..
esp the Bhag Bhag DK Bose Bhag Bhag DK Bose line and you know what!! there was a suggestion from a person in You Tube where he suggested that Amir would have made this song even more controversial and Infamous if instead of Bhag Bhag DK Bose it was Run Run DK Bose Run Run DK Bose!!!!(think in Punjabi...dont think in English)
Laugh your heart out BRO!!!!

andy kim - rock me gently

i have never been able to understand those 'one hit wonders'.

andy kim came out with this one in 1974, when i was single, alone in canada, feeling my way into a what i thought, would be familiar, but found to be a strange culture.

in times of uncertainty, loneliness and despair, one's best friends turn out to be music. these are soothing, comfort giving, available on demand, and do not ask for anything in return.

looking back 37 years later, i should confess, 'rock me gently' provided a teddy bear comfort, for a lonely troubled soul, eons ago.

today, i enjoy the song, just for its melody.

here goes...

Andy Kim Rock Me Gently - YouTube

sad to say, andy kim, could never repeat this hit and faded as quickly, as he appeared. anna hazare, take hint :)
the anthem of the teens for the past 40 years - archies' sugar sugar

the archies never existed as a musical group.

i do not even know, or even care, who the singers of 'sugar sugar' are. but at 61 i love hearing these, as when i first heard it on voice of america circa 1969/70. wikipedia says that andy kim was a co-writer, which in retrospect, i am not surprised.

not only did i follow archie, veronica and betty, all the way from madras (easwari lending library used to have the latest edition, within days of it being published in the usa & charged one ruppee for 24 hour borrowing - premium at that time) to toronto.

my children grew up with archie - riverdale high and all. they could relate more to the teen life, as theirs sort of imitated the comic book.

it was with great sadness and disappointment in the family, that we noted, that the stupid archie, dumped betty and married veronica recently. only proves that once an idiot, always an idiot.

hope betty does not remain single, and finds some good tambram bachelor :) .. so many of them in the usa these days :)

here's the immortal 'sugar sugar'

Sugar Sugar - The Archies - YouTube
Mama loved Archie as well. I totally relate to Betty. You are so right. Archie is an idiot DK Bose! I'm sure Betty will get someone better.
My sons favorite song since he was aged 3 and would get up and dance to this song when it played.

No 1 Punjabi...Biswa are you hearing???

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