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Right to speech Groan

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Right to speech Groan

How many of you support the right to speech of the poor, oppressed husbands? The house is much packed with Her chatter, his speech simply cannot get in even edgewise. He starts about what he would like in dinner, but She launches into the Nutrition Science, hygiene, healthy habits and such like trash, topping it with a few examples of experience of other Her Lady friends. By the time She finishes, you have already lost your appetite and resigned yourself to eating whatever is placed before you.

I once tried to mention the basic human rights and UNCHR, constitution etc. WHAT ARE THEY, man" was the response. The poor, oppressed husbands hardly get to open their mouths, except to swallow the food and medicines, and checking the temperature. So the only alternative left is to GROAN, which does not require opening the mouth!! So I turned a chronic groaner, even when sleeping. Groan, can you groan even then? Oh no. Half a dozen times she has shaken me awake to inquire if I am OK. I am. So why for heavens were you groaning? See, come morning you gotta be with the doc [damned saw bones or shrink]. He will tell what is wrong with you, groan as you whole of the night. Snort and all that PLUS a smirk. I sarcastically asked: A groan X-ray or an MRI? I got a retort: Keep quite and sleep peacefully [read sans disturbing groans]. The doc will decide.
Groan! Groan!!

Husbands, unite. You have nothing to lose except your gags.
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