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Relationships among brahmins

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Athai's son is called Aththan (அத்தான்)
Mama's daughter is called Ammanga. (அம்மங்கா).

The heading of the post is misleading.

These relationships occur among all Tamil speaking people.
I do not think it is Brahmin specific.
I think ஷட்டகர் (Shaddagar) is Brahmin specific Any idea how other Tamil speaking people call this relationship!?

Another distinct Palagattan word is for the wife's sister's husband who is a brother-in-law in the manner of deducing a relationship. Palagattan men relate to their wives' sisters' husbands as 'shaddagars'. This word is uniquely Palagattan. And educated, inventive Palagattans have come up with the word 'co-brother' to mean 'shaddagar' in English. Purists believe the word 'co-brother' is a very Indian Palagattan usage; it does not exist in ANY English dictionary. "My co-brother, you know my 'shaddagar', my wife's sister's husband, he is an accomplished Violinist," is a declaration that will not surprise any ordinary Palagattan. Non-Palagattans are normally foxed with any reference to a 'co-brother'!!!

For the rest of the world:

No. if it’s your wife’s sister, then the sister is your sister-in-law and her husband is just whatever his name is. He is of no relation to you at all.
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ஓர்படி(Orepadi) seems Brahmin specific again Any idea how others call this relationship.

Elder brother's(அணணா) wife is மன்னி.Younger brother's (தம்பி) wife - what you call her?

மன்னி , ஒடப்பொறந்தான are sure Brahaminical Then why மதனிக்கு ஒடப்பொறந்தான்? Is மதனி Brahminical?
Bs vs NBs

Shaddagar = Sagalai
Orpadi = Oragaththi

Some Brahmins use 'madhani' for 'manni' !!

NBs call elder brother's wife as aNNi;
Younger brother's wife as Thambi poNdātti (/ponjādhi)

BTW, if anna's wife is aNNi, thambi's wife should be thaNNi !! (Just kidding!)
Who is he when I call some one அத்திம்பேர் (Athimbare)? My அக்கா(elder sister)'s husband ? My அத்தை(Father's sister)'s husband?

What you call your younger sisters husband in Brahmin's lingo?

How NBs call these relations?
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