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ram chalisa

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Ramahi japat mitat bhav shula
Ram mantra yah mangal mula.
Ram nam japi jo na sudhara
Man pishach so nipat ganvara.

Chanting of Shri Ramchandra Ji's praise destroys all wordly distress. The source of all happiness and well-being is His mantra, Om Shri Ramchandra Ji aaya namaa. Those who do not seek refuge in Him, even by chanting his name, Rama, has develish ways and is utterly ignorant.
Ram ki mahima kahan lag gaun
mati malin man par na paun.
Ramavali as likhi chalisa
Mati anusar dhyan Gaurisa.

To what extent shall I sing praises of Shri Ramchandra Ji's deeds? I am so dull-witted and surely cannot fathom the immeasurable depth of His deeds, yet I have tried to recite His deeds in this Chalisa with my mind centered on Shri Shiva Ji, the beloved consort of Gauri.
Ramahi sundar rachi ras paga
Math Durvasa nikat Prayaga.
Ram bhakt yahin jo nit dhyavahin
Man vanchhit phal nischai pavahin.

In Durvasa hermit, near Prayag in Allahabad, I Sundardasa composed this Chalisa, knowing that those who recite this Chalisa with devotion everyday, shall be rewarded with what they desire most.
Ram nam nit bhajahu man, ratihun din chitlai.
Mamta matsar malinata, manastap miti jai.

I pray that my mind with unwavering devotion meditate on Shri Ramchandra Ji's name so that I may detach myself from jealousy, dullness and sufferings.
Ram ka tithi budh Rohini, Ramavali kiyabhas.
Man sahastra bhuj drug samat, magsar Sundardas.

Sundardasa Ji
completed this Chalisa on
Wednesday, Margasura, 9, 2002
of the
Vikrama Era
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