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ram chalisa

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Ganapati charan saroj gahi, Charanodak dhari bhal,
Likhau vimal Ramavali, sumiri Anjanilal.

I gracefully clasp and wash the feet of Shri Ganesh Ji and pay reverence to him by annointing my forehead and now commence writing praises of Shri Ramchandra Ji whilst meditating on Anjani's son, Shri Hanuman Ji.
Ram charit varnan Karaun, Ramahin hridai manai,
Madan kadan ral rakhishir, man kahan tap mitai

I praise the deeds of Shri Ramchandra Ji after invoking him into my heart and bowing at the feet of Shri Shiva Ji, who destroyed Kamdeo (Cupid), so that the impurities and errors of my heart be destroyed.

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Ram Ramapati Raghupati jai jai,
Maha-Lokpati Jagpati jai jai.
Rajit Janak dulari jai jai,
Mahinandan Prabhu-pyari jai jai.

Praise and glory to You, Shri Ramchandra Ji. You are Lord of Lakshmi and of the house of the Raghus. Glory, all glory to you Lord of Maha Lakshmi and of all the spheres and of the world. Praise and glory be to King Janaka's daughter, Sita Ji who is the delight and daughter of Mother Earth and Your beloved consort.
Ratihun divas Ram dhun jahi
Magan rahat man, tan dukh nahin.
Ram saneh jasu ur hoi
Maha bhagyashali nar soi.

Wherever You are praised there shall be no bodily suffering or pain. Those who develop love for You in their hearts, are very fortunate.
Rakshas dal sanhari jai jai
Maha patit tanu tari jai jai.
Ram nam jo nishdin gavat
Man vachhit phal nishchai pavat.

Hey! Shri Ramchandra Ji, destroyer of demons and their armies ... including Ravana, Tadaka, Maricha, Subahu, Viradha and a host of others ... all glory to Thee. You are the most merciful deliverer of the lowest of the low ... as Sabari (member of the Sabaris tribe), Guha (a Nisada ... low born tribe in early India) and others. Thus, those who daily chant, recite or sing the Your praise, hey Shri Ramchandra Ji, You grant them their heart's desire.
Ramayudhsar jehin kar sajat
Man manoj lakhi kotihun lajat.
Rakhahu laj hamari jai jai
Mahima agam tumhari jai jai.

I behold Shri Ramchandra Ji, armed with his bow and arrow appears so splendid and charming that He surpasses the charm of myriads of Cupids, and I pray: "Hey! Shri Ramchandra Ji do keep my honour. Glory be Yours. Glory be Yours, whose majesty is incomparable. Glory be Yours."
Rajiv nayan munin man mohin
Mukut manohar shir par sohai.
Rajit mridal gat shuchi anan
Makarakrit kundal duhun kanan.

Hey Shri Ramchandra Ji, Your lotus-eyes fascinate even the Munis and Rishis; Your head adorned with a lustrous crown and the brilliance of Your face and tender body. I behold too, hey! Shri Ramchandra Ji Your no less brilliant, crocodile shaped pendants, on Your ears.
Ramchandra sarvottam jai jai
Maryada Purshottum jai jai
Ram nam gun agam ananta
Manan karat sharad shruti santa.

Hey Bhagwan, Shri Ramchandra Ji! You are the greatest of those who have taken form on earth, glory be to Thee. Thy name, Hey, Shri Ramchandra Ji! has boundless and immeasurable virtues and is contemplated upon by all including the Vedas, Munis, Rishis and Sarswati.
Rati divas dhyavahu man Rama
Man ranjan bhanjan bhav dama.
Raj bhavan, sang men nahin jaihain
Man ke hi man men rahi jaihain

My own mind that rambles ... wander from thought to thought ... all the time, must be brought under control to meditate, night and day, on the Your changeless form, so that my earthly desires that burn ceaseless within me could be subdued, since the kingly palace of which I dream will not accompany me in the end, but remain as an unfullfilled desire.
Ramhi nam ant sukh daihain
Man gadhant gap kam na aihain.
Ram kahani Ramahin sunihain
Mahima Ram tabai man gunhain.

Hey Shri Ramchandra Ji! Your name, RAMA, brings peace and love and comfort on the ultimate journey; when earthly pleasures pursued and dreamt about will not be of any avail or use ... for these are but a mirage, but deeds performed will be heard by Shri Ramchandra Ji and the righteousness of those deeds will be counted.
Ramhi mahan jo nit chit rakhihain
Madhukar saris madhur ras chakhihain.
Rag rang kahun kirtan thanihain
Mamta tyagi ek ras janihain.

Those who uphold and meditate on Shri Ramchandra Ji's glorious deeds in their hearts at all times are the ones who will get the honeyed taste of Rama as bees do from the pollen of flowers. Then the glorification of Shri Ramchandra Ji's name, Rama would be realised and the process of detachment from earthly attachments commence.
Ram kripa tinhin par hvai hain
Man vanchhit phal abhimal paihain.
Rakshas daman kiyo jo chhan men
Maha banhu bani vicharyo vana men.

On those who adopt such a path, Shri Ramchandra Ji, the compassionate and merciful, would shower his blessings and fulfill their desires. Recall that Shri Ramchandra Ji defeated the demons in a blink, just as massive trees are reduced to ashes in a forest wildfire.
Ravanadi hati gati, dai dinhyo
Mahi Ravanahin Siya vadh kinhyo.
Ram ban sut sursari dhara
Maha patkihun gati dai dara.

Shri Ramchandra Ji killed Ravana and his host and yet sent them to His celestial abode. He also killed Mahiravana of the lower regions. Rama's arrows are like the waters of the Ganges, it purifies and redeems the vilest of sinners.
Ram ramit jag amit ananta
Mahima kahi na sakahin shruti santa.
Ram nam joi det bhulai.
Maha nisa soi leta bulai

Omnipresent Shri Ramchandra Ji permeates the infinite and endless world ... He is within and without the Universe ... and this state of Shri Ramchandra Ji's seemingly phenomenon continues to elude description by the scriptures or even the saint and sages. Those who forget the name of the omnipresent, Shri Ramchandra Ji summon utter ignorance of His virtues that illuminate the path of life's journey.
Ram bina ur hota andhera
man sohi dukh sahat ghanera.
Ramahi adi anadi kahavat
Mahavrti Shankar-gun gavat.

Without Shri Ramchandra Ji's presence in our hearts, all seems dark and the mind suffers untold frustration ... in troubled times one feels so helpless, hopeless and very much alone, this is moreso where hearts filled with earthly desires left no room for the Supreme Atma to peek even a single ray of light, within. One need to understand that it is Shri Ramchandra Ji who is the beginning and beginningless at the same time and it is His praise Shri Shiva Ji and the Devas sing.
Ram nam lahi Brahma apara
Mahikar bhar shesh shir dhara.
Rakhi Ramhiya Shambhu sujana
Maha ghor vish kinhyo pana.

Brahma, the creative aspect of the Supreme Being has become fathomless with the chanting of the name of Shri Ramchandra Ji. Sesa narg ... the serpent king ... too, was able to uphold the earth's burden on its head. Sambhu ... Shri Shiva Ji ... with Rama's form embedded in his heart, gulped down the jar of poison that emerged during the churning of the sea by the joint effort of the assuras and devas.
Ramahi mahi-lakhi lekh Maheshu
Maha pujya kari diyo Ganeshu.
Ram ramit ras gatit bhakti ghat
Man ke bhajatahin khulat prem pat.

... Having observed the name of Rama scribbled on the earth, the great Lord Shiva made Ganesh highly venerable (so much so that all ceremonies begin with worship his worship). The bliss filling the heart with devotion to Rama is all pervaded by Him. Chanted with profound interest it opens up the gates of devotional love.
Rajit Ram jinahin ur antar
Mahavir sam bhakta nirantar.
Ramahi linha ek sahara
Maha sindhu Kapi kinha para.

When Shri Ramchandra Ji reigns in the heart of anyone, that person becomes devoted to Rama as Mahavira (Hanuman). Those who seek refuge in Shri Ramchandra Ji, crosses the oceans of trials and tribulations as did Mahavira ... Hanuman with Rama in his heart crossed the ocean on his way to Sri Lanka in search of Sita Mataa ... and thus escapes the cycle of birth and death.
Ram nam rasna ras shobha
Mardan kam krodh mad lobha.
Ram charit bhaji bhayo sugyata
Mahadeva mukti ke data.

Chanting Your name, Rama sweetens the tongues taste and eradicates the four deadly sins ... lust, anger, arrogance and greed ... that leads to moral downfall. By chanting Rama's deeds, Mahadeva (Siva) became a saviour and liberator, to bestow moksh .. salvation.
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