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"RAJU" has been Nominated for Oscar this year: Will he win tomorrow?

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Dear ALL:

Please go to oscar.go.com and see the trailer of "RAJU".

It is a Short Film (Live Action) from Germany!

I am hoping RAJU will win the Oscar in that category!!

Wait & watch.


ps. The topic of Orphans & Adoption is a very heavy matter. This needs lot of debate and discussion with open heart and mind... this Raju is excellent in Visuals & Acting done from a very small budget by the writer and director Max Zahle. One may ask why these Germans came to India to adopt Raju... they could have gone to South & Central America or Africa or Haiti... Why Calcutta? Well... it's up to the audience to decide! I get the thrill of watching Slumdog Millionaire when I watch Raju, as a cinema portraying a few issues of India! Cheers. :)
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"Raju" did not get the Oscar, which went to "The Shore" in that category.

Thus, no connection at all for India/Indians at this year's Oscar.

However, did you notice that OscAR Rahman was on the live piano at the Oscar Function in the Kodak Theater?

I was happy! So much is my feeling for the Oscar Tamizhan!! Lol


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Sorry to hear that Raju did not win, I did not see the whole event.. but as you say, adoption is a heavy subject.. I know first hand how people can treat an adopted child so badly.. not necessarily the parents but the others, who absolutely have no sympathy or understanding of that child.. I can write volumes. Anyway, I did see our famous Thamizhan Rehman, I did not realize that he was the musical director this year.. was happy about it.. :)
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