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Quotes serious and funny

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“Life is an ever-flowing process and somewhere on the path some unpleasant things will pop up – it might leave a scar, but then life is flowing, and like running water, when it stops it grows stale. Go bravely on, my friend, because each experience teaches us a lesson. Keep blasting because life is such that sometimes it is nice and sometimes it is not.” ~ Bruce Lee
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
Just as "justice delayed is justice denied"
Medical treatment delayed is medical treatment denied.
Golden hour applies not only to the patient
but also to the doctor attending on the patient.
பென் ( pen) மொழிகள்
When the whole world is moving forward,
There is a scramble in India to go backward;
Reservation being the politicians' byword,
It is creating a situation that is very awkward.
"A meditator is neither a man nor a woman, because meditation has nothing to do with your body; neither does it have anything to do with your mind. In meditation, you are simply and purely consciousness, and consciousness is neither male nor female.” ~ Osho, Fame, Fortune, and Ambition
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
Evil deeds done with smile and self assurance are always solicited and seldom suspected
But good deeds done with demur and diffidence are definitely discouraged and doubted
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
Death wins you over only once in your life
But you win over death every minute you live
"Nothing worthwhile comes easily. Work, continuous work, and hard work, is the only way to accomplish results that last." ~ Hamilton Holt
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
If you are in your sunset years
And your children are away from you,
You don't have to entertain fears
That there is none to take care of you.
if you have the necessary financial backing,
You have retirement homes for the asking.
Your children get relieved of their worry and anxiety
Since these homes assure you of basic comfort and safety
With no damage to your independence and dignity.
These homes are no reflection of family values fading away
In today's changed social situations, they have come to stay
மதியாதார் வாசலை மிதியாதே
Care not those who care not for you
Don't go uninvited even when your visit is due
You can make life dance to your tunes inside your college gates (i.e.during your college life) but at the other side of the gate, life sets its own tunes & makes you dance. So live each moment of your college life. xyz
நற்றாமரைக் கயத்தில் நல் அன்னம் சேர்ந்தார் போல்
கற்றாரைக் கற்றாரே காமுறுவர்-கற்பிலா
மூர்க்கரை மூர்க்கர் முகப்பர் முதுகாட்டில்
காக்கை உகக்கும் பிணம்.
Like a swan in a lotus pond;
The learned adore the learned
Illiterates attract only their class
Like a crow attracted by the carcass
நாக்கிற்கு நரம்பு கிடையாது. ஆனால் அதற்கு இதயத்தை உடைக்கும் வலு உள்ளது

Life is like a taxi, the meter just keeps ticking whether you are getting somewhere or standing still.
In our country we have witnessed many "bye elections"
Big parties vie with each other to "buy these elections".
Many times these elections do not seem to be fought
Invariably we find that the voters are being bought
When are we going to say Good bye to this practice?
எரிகிற வீட்டிலே பிடுங்குவது லாபம்
The swag from a burning house
is a gain to the looter
who seemingly has come to douse
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
Everyone has a combination of noble, ordinary, and stupid ideas.
The percentage only varies from person to person and from time to time
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