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Quotes serious and funny

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Behind every successful man is his woman
Behind the fall of every successful man is usually another woman
Overthinking leads to negative thoughts,
Therefore many positive people stop thinking
If you think over what i say, you may agree with me
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
Are you worried that you don't have a personality?
Abraham Lincoln didn't have a personality
He was the president of United States to be remembered for ever
Kamarajar didn't have a personality
Did he not rise to be a king maker of India?
Anna didn't have a personality
Didn't he have following of several crores of Tamils?
Abdul Kalam didn't have a personality
Did he not become the most respected president of India?
So if you don't have a personality,
Don't worry about it
You are perhaps born to become some one great, may be.
Your outer personality about which you can't do anything doesn't count
It is your inner personality which you can develop that matters
People nowadays don't wait and waste their time. they have become very (im)mature

Previously it used to be a seven year itch. But now it has become a seven day itch.

What do you mean by that?

Previously it took seven years for a couple to feel fed up with each other and go in for divorce.

But now within seven days of their marriage, they want to separate.
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If you want to be too good for everybody

You will end up being no good to anybody
பென் ( pen ) மொழிகள்
Live by your own earnings
And not yearn for others earnings
Talk less; listen more;
Give chance for others to speak
A basic rule which most of us flout
If everyone wants the other person to talk,
Who will talk first and What is there to listen ?
The doubt of a cranky

To err is human
Errors can be erased
To commit mistakes is common
Mistakes can be mended
But can sins be atoned
and crimes condoned?
If sinners are not sentenced
and criminals not punished
will not the world be
full of sinners and criminals
Paropakarartham idham sareeram
This body is to help others
Not only this body, but also our mind

பென் (pen) மொழிகள்
May you live long, they say, is a blessing
Which means you live long enough to become old
Is it a true blessing or a real curse?
To the modern glutton Bhakasura
That is the United States of America
we Indians are feeding one from each family continuously
to be swallowed for ever and never to return home happily
When can we expect a Bheema
to come to our rescue to stop this export regularly?
பென் ( pen) மொழிகள்
Power is imposing and hostile
Love is embracing and friendly
பென்(pen) மொழிகள்
Eating in a semi dark enclosure,
not even knowing what you eat
and what others by your side eat,
whether they eat from their plate
or from your plate,
struggling to eat with a spoon
that is not properly sterilised
and as a finale,
dipping the hands in a bowl of water
and cleansing with a tissue paper,
( one of those few good hygienic habits for which we have not yet said good bye)
preserving a part of the menu
In the mouth till next brushing,
paying an abnormal bill with tips
as a show of status and magnanimity,
which bill amount could feed
a poor family for a whole month;
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்

No use loving the entire world

But not loving your family.

Charity begins at home;

So love too should begin at home.
To steal from one person is plagiarism

To steal from many is Research!

A bank is a place that can lend you money

If you can prove that you don't need it.

Knowledge is knowing that Tomato is a fruit

Wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad
“Today there are societies that are very developed materially, yet among them there are many people who are not very happy. Just underneath the beautiful surface of affluence there is a kind of mental unrest, leading to frustration, unnecessary quarrels, reliance on drugs or alcohol, and in the worst case, suicide. So there is no guarantee that wealth alone can give you the joy or fulfillment that you are seeking.” ~ Dalai Lama

போதுமென்ற மனமே பொன் செய்யும் மருந்து
பென் (pen) மொழிகள்

Donkeys are beautiful when young and look good

And pigs too are beautiful at their adulthood

So each dog seems to have its season

For which other than age, there is no other reason

கழுதையும் குட்டியில் அழகு

பன்றியும் பருவத்தில் அழகு
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