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Origins of Anti-Brahminism

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Dear Sri Jai Shankar, Junior Member

Some folk are not aware that India's motto is SATHYAM EVA JAYATHE. Or that it is a Veda vaakyam. Their interpretation is: ASATHYAM eva jayathe.

Neither would they admit that the customs of washing your hands, washing your feet, taking off your footwear before entering a sacred place like a mosque or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Jain or a Sikh temple, taking off your headwear before entering a church, a cathedral, a basilica, bathing and changing clothes, respect for authority, for elders and for the learned, most likely will not change much.

Nor saluting the flag, standing up when the national anthem is played, wearing uniform when a member of the armed forces. Marrying before producing children, staying faithful to your spouse, caring for your aged parents, your children, and so on. I can go on.

Please let me explain the context of YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH while Veteran Prsad1 claims the truth is (always?) a lie.

Col Jessup of the US Army is being court-martialled about the death of civilians ("collateral damage") during a military campaign. The prosecutor, one Kaffee, demands of the defendant: Did you order Code Red? Judge Randolph, who had already earlier told Kaffee that he was in contempt of court, told the Colonel he need not answer that question. Kaffee pursues his question to the Colonel, ending in an altercation in which Kaffee shouts: I WANT THE TRUTH. Col Jessup shouts back: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. When Kaffee insists, the Colonel screams back: YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT. I DID.

No lies at all. Except perhaps the claim that all truth are lies?

S Narayanaswamy Iyer

Asato Ma Sad Gamaya!

Ya Rabba.
Raksha Karo.
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