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oil pulling

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I don't know whether the OIL pulling is already posted and many/all of us are aware of it.
Neverthless, I share what I know in regard to this:
This means swishing the gingelly oil in the mouth early in the morning, first thing , in empty stomach for about 10 mts and spitting it out. Then brush teeth or whatever.
The benefits include
1 Quite good oral care is ensured
2. For other benefits please check and read in Google :"oil pulling"
From my side I would add on :
1. The swishing time though normaly 10-15 mts the end point will be the liquid in the mouth should become thin like water and colour change to white.
2. The spittal after the swirlings contains toxic materials and hence spit in commode[not in wash basins and general sinks] and flush immediately adequate water.
3.The time used while swirling in mouth can be used parallely to skim a news paper, watering some plants, doing a bit house keeping, Cleaning vehilcles etc. like.
4. Never drink the swirls for the reasons stated in above 2,
Kind Regards
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Thank you Dr. Sir. Normally we were asked to do this whenever we have wounds in mouth (Pls. let me know if there is a more suitable word). Glad to know that it has far reaching benefits.

Sriram Sivaraman
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