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Names of Naivaidhyam Items

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Can someone help me with the names of the different naivadhyam items in sanskrit. I did find it in one of the forums however it is in tamil and I cannot read tamil.

I know the common ones like kadliphalam, aamraphalam etc.. however not all.

also can someone tell me the names of different paysams in sanskrit as well such as panagham etc..

Thanks in advance for the help.
black gram vadai maashaaboopam.
athirasam Gula boopam.
kolukattai. Modhakam
idly laddukam

aval brudhukam.
nel pori laajam.
honey Madhu
salt Lavanam

butter Navaneetham
sweetened flour madhurapishtakam
sugarcane piece Ikshu kandam.
Full sugarcane Ikshu dhandam

manjal kothu Haridhra kucham.
pure water Sudhothakam ; Amrutham
sandal Gandham.
kumkumam Haridhra churnam.

Thiruneeru Veebuthi; bhasmam
Bell Ghantaa
camphor Neeraajanam
kalkandu Rasagandam

jaggary Gulam
sugar sakkara
curd Dadhi
cow's milk Gohksheeram

buttermilk Dhakram
Paanakam Gulothakam
sundal Chanakam
Ghee AAjyam; grudham

milk payasam ksheera payasam
greengram payasam grudha gula payasam
sakkarai pongal Gulannam
ven pongal muthkaannam

cooked rice Sudhaannam
sambar;rasam vyanjanam
gingilly rice(ellu sadam) Thilannam;thilodhanam
coconut rice naarikelannam;naarikelodhanam

lemon Jambeeram
lemon rice Jambeera phalaannam
Tamarind rice Thinthirenee annam
Curd rice dhadhyannam

coconut Naareekelam
plantain fruit Kadhali phalam
Betel and betelnut Thaamboolam
Bheri kai Bheri phalam

koyya phalam Bahubheeja phalam
Pomegranate Dhadime phalam
grapes; dried drakshai Dhraaksha phalam
Dates Karjoora phalam

Jack fruit Panasa phalam
naaval fruit( naaga palam) Jamboo phalam
elandai phalam Bhadharee phalam
Mango fruit Aamra phalam; sootha phalam

Apple Kashmeera phalam
vilam palam ;wood apple Kapitha phalam
orange Naaranga phalam
Fruits phalaani

fruit varieties Phala vargam
cucumber vellari Urvaarukam

broken coconut 2 thengaai moodi Naarikela kantadwayam
milk pongal dugdhannam; ksheeraannam
Neer more dhakroudhakam
samba rice saalyannam
Variety rice Chithraannam .

cooked rice with ghee drops mahaa neivedhyam
Mulai kattiya dhaanyam Anguram
perappam palam vethra phalam

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