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My ebook on Amazon - Diary of a Successful Loser: Looking beyond that Humble Brag


New member
My ebook is available on Amazon - Diary of a Successful Loser: Looking beyond that Humble Brag
Summary: A stealth-help book with life stories that will leave you inspired.

What's stealth-help? A mix of memoir and self-help genera, stealth help uses a person's experience to inspire readers to better their lives or themselves. This book is targeted at those looking for real-life inputs but find typical self-help books - with preachy quotes and advice off-putting.

Blurb: All of us are successful losers – Losers because of the setbacks. Successful because we have overcome setbacks, loss and failures.

In this stealth-help book, the author narrates notable failures and setbacks that have been part of his life journey in ways that he didn’t anticipate. These stories hold a mirror to typical experiences that we are likely to encounter in a life journey
  • Bullying, teasing and jibes
  • Setbacks that reshape one's career - What happens if one decides not to pursue a 'government career' after clearing UPSC?
  • Breakup of a relationship or a divorce - The author was briefly married to a senior IAS officer's daughter. He narrates the ups-downs and moving forward after a divorce
  • Loss of a loved one - read more
  • Difference of opinion with a boss or colleague that can alter one's career trajectory
These chapters in a life story, when stacked on top of one other make for a memorable layered cake. These stories reflect many of the common rants and raves on social media forums.

The eBook is available as a free Amazon KU download.

If you are a Blogger, Vlogger/Podcaster or with social media presence, send me note for a review copy​


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