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Multilevel marketting

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I have come across people involved in Multilevel marketing in some companies like Amway. I feel even the rich and educated have more enthu abt making more money in short term. In my point of view it creates desire in customer mind rather than markets the product. Whats ur view on this? Should there be a law in India banning it?
I firmly believe it should be banned. The business of MLM is like a mushroom business model. The model works where a person will be paid say 25% of his investment when he is joining, another 25% when attached two person and get his 100% of money when he has 4 persons(pls. leave those junk items what they give at 10X multiples of original product from the market). By the time a guy get 100% the company makes 2.5x of the original investment made by the first investor. Its a huge money which they rotate and they disappear like mushroom over the period. This should be banned
dear sir,
similarly i have very bad experience with the online shopping done through rediff etc.,. we are left to the mercy of the couriers and sometimes the items get pilfered. i made three purchases and got shafted once that is 33%. so we should discourage our members from online shopping. my loss was limited to Rs200. but it could have been worse.(people buy laptops there). online shoppers horror stories are available in many blogs. it is better to buy from saravana stores or vasanth(in chennai).
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