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Mind-Blowing Reply by an Indian Man to a White Woman

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i don't know who gave the thumbs up to this thread. must be the one who initiated it.

to me, i think, like any broad generalization, this too is error prone.

further, to me, it reveals an empty boast.

the guy who wrote this does not know much about both western and indian women - i think this is all wishful thinking, bound together by sheer ignorance and prejudice.

the roles here could be any two nationalities to their benefit - arabs could say the same thing about our women, for to them, our women are easy.

let us not throw stones blindly at cultures, for in doing so, we only reveal our ignorance. better to keep quiet, and get the benefit of the doubt, than opening our mouths, and confirming the same.

thank you.

i am not sure what you are trying to do here.

first of all, you post a note written by someone else, insulting indian womanhood as well womenfolk in general.

if you think, you have not insulted indian women, read it again, as i am quite sure, you thought otherwise.

the person who wrote it, has no idea of western women or of indian women. this is what i meant by ignorance, and further more astonished that you would try to propagate it here.

in your reply you claim to quote buddha, .. i do not frankly understand it.

maybe you can write in simple english some words of your own that will be clearly state what your view is and what your posts' inner meaning might be.

thank you.
Not open for further replies.

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