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marriage function

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About the tamil marriage fn...it's on a spacious,enormously decorated stage..nice..The bride and groom are placed in the centre.Vadhyars fr either side,occupy an importantspot.then,the brothers,sisters with a number of kids,appa amma mamas mamis ,athais,paatties....the stage is nearly fully packed..not forgetting the videographer and his associates directing each and every movement of the bride and groom.Then come a lot of youngsters and schoolboys and girls with their cameras,again on the very stage.Alas...!the audience who have come....Murtham paarkkavum.anugraham pannavum......they get the backview of the crew on the stage...cant get a glimpse even of the ponnu and mappilai.they listen to the gettimelam and shower the flowers with them onto the buttocks of those on the stage....what a plight...!But during the sapthapadi the stage becomes almost empty,but then all have to rush for the sappadu..Can anybody suggest a remedy for this?:noidea:Dr Bhavani Chandrasekharan.

i attended an arya samaj wedding here in toronto.

it was timed to the minute 1hr 22 mts. the priest was on the dais, and held the audience rapt with his commentary.

pure vedic ceremony, with sapthapadi the highlight (not mangalya dhaaranam).

there are indeed alternatives.
Iattended a Maharashtra wedding.....such great importance to the manthras and rituals.....everything so...disciplined and arranged.....every invitee was given the right importance..all were taking photographs too,but not hindering the view of the audience.
Dear Sri Sharma,Eagerly awaiting ur book:lol:Dr Bhavani
Not open for further replies.

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