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Life.... A Ship!

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Life------A Ship!

Life Is so ironical;
The good are punished
The bad florish,
The truth is left unspoken,
The hypocrisycomes out of the den;
Is given a warm welcome,
Sincerity is "mum"
Jealousy is covered in wonderful clothes,
Arrogance peeps between inhuman robes,
Honesty is crushed along with poverty,
True friendship is overtaken by animosity,
Why are there so many bends in our relationships?
Why can't we make our life a smooth sailing ship!

S. Hemamalini
Very sad.
Then again it depends on the person seeing it from their point of view.
Also if you live your life like that, that is what you will get back in return.

Kindly try living in some tribal society or in some remote village where the so-called modern culture" has not yet made its presence felt very much. I think you will find that all of the virtues which you lament over, will then appear to you as uncomfortable and you will once again yearn for these very artificialities to which almost all of us have somehow got naturalized.
In certain circumstances, a happy person may not be a happy person. One must
be able to change himself/herself or mend themselves to the situation that may
arise unexpectedly or what we see in the world. We may feel sometimes that we
are only doing insignificant things but yet that may be significant to some. Some say
life is only a shipwreck as we do not know when we will have to face the sudden
storm or calamity leading us to a collapse.

Not open for further replies.

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