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kuzhi tharpanam mantra


I found the discussions very interesting and useful .
However the search facility is not good .
I have been trying to find the location of the Kuzhi Tharpanam Mantra for the last 4 days and unable to get it .
Is there is a store of all mantras and slokas . If so where do I look for it on this forum


Life is a dream
Staff member
If the mantram is available on the site, then it would have shown.
It is not on the site, so you are not able to find it.

Maybe some member can share it for you.


Can some knowledgeable person clarify? My father passed away on 1/2/2020 3 am. When exactly 45 days oonamasiam falls?


Active member
Late Shri.SANGOM who was a member ( real name SANKAR, Wife's name GOMATI) had posted KUZHI Tharpana Mantram in response to my request in TamilBrahmins.com website a few years ago. I will try to locate the post and repost in a few days.
Shri.Sarma Sastrigal of West Mambalam Chennai has written numberof Books for guidance of Brahmins.
( YOU Can Listen to his Latest Speeches in YOUTUBE.)He became a member of this Forum and wanted all members to know about his books.Mr.Praveen, Administator of this Forum objected that this Forum should not be used for Publicity.Then I had requested Shri.Sarma Sastrigal to publish a book containing KUZHI Tarpanam Mantram just like Books on how to perform Tharpanam during Amavasya. Sastrigal did not respond .Shri.Sangom wrote that the Sastrigal will not give the Mantram and posted the Mantram in this Forum.

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