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Just more points.

Every one talks about Sradham in Kasi, now without your asking I am giving more her. No one asked why are we go to Kasi to perform this is it not enough in doing at our place? Is it necessay to go all the way to kasi. Can't we do the same here?

Now my answers

There were 16 schools which is teaching Vedas.
Some are Apastambha Jãbãla,[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Baudhãyana, Kãnva, Mãdhyandineya, Sãpheya, Tãpaniya, Kãpola, Paundara, Vatsa, Ãvatika, Paramãvatika, Pãrãsra, Vaineya, Addha and Baudheya In this Kanva School at South India, Madhyadina Sakha at River bed near Ganges, Jabãlãs, Boudhãyanas and Tapaneyas were famous[FONT=&quot][1][/FONT].

The Sradha we are performing in Kasi is Kothama School, at Gaya Bhodhayana School and Madyadina at Allahabad.

Since all the schools are from the same base, we are performing this in the shetra where it is beleived all the Pithrus are staying there only.

There is no Avhana and Prathistha Mantras for thes sites.

The performer will realise this when he is doing this karma here.

[FONT=&quot][1][/FONT] ) V.Venkateswara Sarma , Critical Studies on Katyayanas Sukla Yajur Veda, University of Madras 1935
The Skanda Purana mentions about various Teerthas to do Srardham for Pitrus.The customary saying is that if you perform Srardham at Kasi or Gaya you need not do it every year.But the Acharyas take a different view. They say performong Srardha every year at the appropriate Thithi is essential.
These are for the people who has no sons and only daughters. That too for us life is uncertain. A male without a wife can not do Sradha. So if a couple fears that the life is uncertain, they can do that and believe that too.

When I was in train to Kasi, some one said, A Brahman from South, who went to Middle east for employment, converted as a Muslim for his earnings. But he came to Kasi to perform the Sradha for his father.

So as hindus who conerts to christiainity and other non hindu religion, who was informed by the astrologer who says that the Curse of pithir is there, they rush to Kasi, gaya and Allahabad to do this karma.

This is only for those who can not continue the sradha, and if he can contine it is well and good.

But now a days the Boukthas, who come to Sradham, prefer to bath inthei house itself, if we say no then they back, we are paying Rs 200 for each boktha and Dothis and Rs 400 to sastrigal and dothis.

But some satri prefer additinal Rs 100 and say that they don't want dothis as they have hundreds at their home.

Only god knows where we are going!
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