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Kalki Bhagavan !

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Brahmanyan Ji,

I found the "Oneness" movement of this spiritual leader has published almost all our Scriptures in the well documented Websites. Wonderful attempt indeed.

If this leader has published our scriptures i really appreciate it. Could you please provide such websites where he has published our scriptures? I would like to learn more about his work on our scriptures.

So far i have learnt and also visited his website, he does his preaching mainly focussing on "GOD ALMIGHTY", with a little bit of Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva and Kundalini meditation. But most of it was his own preaching quoting "GOD ALMIGHTY" and the oneness movement.
dear friends,
In reply to all your questions and doubts and pratapams, my humble answer is this,
the people following shri bhagavan and holding key responsibilities are Tamilnadu Brahmins and not only Tamilnadu brahmins and brahmins from all other states.
We got our own concept of God from the parents and other Gurus. When the kaliyuga ends who will be the real god is not the question of hour. Human birth have its own credentials to analyse things which is science. Apart from the reach of answer something is still remains. We are going on search of things.
We never see any God in physical form but have lot of faith. It cultivates on the basis of own experience of our forefathers is true. Experiencing God is a different subject where we know nothing. True experience will make the human being to a state of Bhaktha later he becomes Guru for others to follow.
As far as the dasavatharams are concerned there may be numberless,, because humankind witnessed various people of holy nature according to the need of time and people,that is divine. Paramashakthi decends on earth whenever it wishes, and nobody is there to restrict. it can manifest in any form, as gurus of dattatreya.

To the quries particularly with Kalki bhagavan as posted,
He never calls himself as God. கலியுக அவதாரமாக அவரை கூப்பிட்டது மக்களே. he calls himself as sachithanandhan.
He wants to help the mankind to liberate from all the sufferings. He is just a true friend and a limitless friend. The limitless means no circle to help others at the times of necessity. His revelations are of first class and nobody is there to force, do this or that, and it is purely individual.
At first they conducted dharshan and other programmes free of charge later it is changed. And the collection of money is for the benefit of the poor and they are silently enacting. And to the only tax paying organisation in India with records. Just within an age of 20 years, the movement spreads across the world with a huge followers. Many experienced various miracles in their life, they got solution to their problems. Particularly foreigners want to pour in billions but the lord restricted and said we Indians do our best to the world.
1)The way of getting solution is simple, from his teachings, the first and the foremost is keeping a vibrant family relationship within the members of the family. So many got their real sons and daughters and parents back. The thickness of relationships is given the first place. worshiping parents is the foremost duty as preached truly from heart.
2) Next is looking inside to keep thrikarna suddhi. which yields everything you desire, without struggle as a burden of life. Seeing what you are truly. It makes wonders in the life of individuals as well as famillies. Every home becomes a heaven where the true golden age starts. where the relish starts with real life.
The fine revelations are many and more importantly with the experiences, so people throng there. And particularly with the youngsters where there is hectic competition ahead for survival and to prove themselves need a wonderful guidance, which they got.
I wish to mention a story earlier told, a dasi engaged in prostitution spends every second with the paramathma mentally attains punya, and the sadhu counting number of visitors met a bad thing.
It is wholly with the paul brunton's true search leads to Ramana, a silent dynamo of peace. So many paul bruntons are now here in search of God..
one of the most important thing is the chief disciple called as paramacharya by the cult is a tamilnadu brahmin, and he is not a ordinary person, he is an atomic scientist worked in Germany.
The layman to the elites are the followers. There is no any division among them. The Judge sat before his peon in the evenings to listen his words and in the days he orders duty.
Strange couples are there Dean of a medical college who married a vegetable vendor, never tries to change others and experiencing others as they are, leading a successful married life.
The true onlooker will get the replies as i experienced. IN FURTHER HE NEEDS PROTECTION WHERE PEOPLE WILLING TO TAKE HIM WITH THEM PHYSICALLY. SUCH A TRUE LOVE IS POURED UPON HIM BY THE PEOPLE. SO SUCH GLASS ENCLOSURES ARE THE NEED OF THE HOUR. AND ONLY THE PERSONAL EXPERIENCES ARE THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THE QUERIES AND NO BODY WILL FOOL OTHERS SO LONG. one gentle man says he will return from foreign and start a new cult, so many people are ready to follow him but he may land somewhere.
For your further reference i give this URL, www.onenessuniversity.org you can directly listen to bhagavan about everything.
கற்றது கையளவு கல்லாதது உலகளவு ! Best wishes..to all and much obliged to present this, thank you...
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you are correct Brahmanyanji ,

you are correct brahmanyan ji, namaskars,
As one who do not know anything about Kalki Bhagavan I have nothing to contribute to the discussion. But I wish to share an incident that happened some time back. While traveling to Delhi by train to attend a wedding, I found half of our A/c Sleeper Couch was occupied by Russians (mostly of them burly ladies). Later on some of them who spoke English told me that they were from Siberia and returning home after attending a Spiritual camp conducted by Kalki Bhagavan, near Chennai. That was a good news.This person has attracted people from far of Siberia.

As I have not attached myself to any Spiritual denomination or Guru I feel happy and grateful to respect any one who is doing some thing good to uplift the humanity, be he an Avatar or call himself by any other name. I found the "Oneness" movement of this spiritual leader has published almost all our Scriptures in the well documented Websites. Wonderful attempt indeed.

He never calls himself as God. கலியுக அவதாரமாக அவரை கூப்பிட்டது மக்களே. he calls himself as sachithanandhan.

Shri Ganesh Ji,

i happened to get into a rather lengthy discussion last weekend on this with someone.

i agree with you that the oneness organization is a well managed institution with credible tax records. i also understand that money is used for the poor in an admirable way. I apologize for my previous post on this thread.

i also like the concept of oneness of all beings irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc..

the person i spoke to also said that he is not kalki, so am just wondering why was the term Kalki used for him then? i also notice ppl referring to him as Bhagavan or god? was not so convinced about that part while speaking to that person....was wondering if you could explain better...
Dear Happy Hindu ji,
My sincere prayer to you no apologies required, as of you are not the sole responsible one to seek apology at this age. It shows your reality.
In general we happen to quote a person he may be a friend or a wellwisher helped in times of need as Deivame thanks, that will naturally comes from heart and there is no any judgement at that time. In a normal circumstances we use to say so. One will naturally feel the thanking mode after he receives the love from other person in any form. The heart will automatically blossomed at that time and ponder. That is natural for a human being. The human with flowered heart will always be like a muktha.. The flowering of heart will make amazing things around, that becomes coincidences for nomal people, but miracles for a heart flowered person who received it. Then he automatically call the another Bhagavan,means, என்னை காப்பதினவனே,. the intensity of suffering he undergoes personally make him to say and the true sense of thanks and love showered where the mere words finds no place to conceptualise.
In my personal Dharshan i hear the words of him, as follows, I am God but I am not the God you think. So don't confuse yourself by making concepts, Just i am your true friend with any friendly relationship totally acceptable for you, willing to help you at any moment for any good cause without making others to suffer and hurt, just thank me by words from heart at the times of help that gives me great joy and you will receive more. These are the word from him it shows no place for confusion to develop, and furthermore he expects nothing, like Lord Krishna says in Geetha, A leaf or a flower with your love is sufficient for me.
I just see him as an embodiment of love and nothing else. Moreover he helps for our inner transformation which leads to great success at family level, so we called ஹிம் குடும்பங்களை எல்லாம் கோவில் ஆக்கி ய பகவான் ,,, The divine love that takes away all the pains and sufferings of mankind and help them with a motherhood.
I thank you for this opportunity to share with you,
Thankyou Shri Ganesh ji. Personally, i do not consider him Kalki (dunno know how the idea of calling him kalki came about). Regards.
"Vindavar kandilar; Kandavar vindilar" -

A person who claims himself to be the God is unfit to be even a guru or a master.

A person who advises his followers not to follow any other path can not be the God.

A person who advises his followers to remove the pictures of all other godly figures from their puja room, but to keep his and his wife's photo there and start worshipping them, cannot be the God.

A person who advises his followers to stop celebrating all festivals, especially the religious ones that are centuries old, is so intolerant that he cannot be called the God.

A person who is fond of money, power, publicity and easy access to people at big places cannot be called the God.

A person who speaks so eloquently on ideals and morals, but does many things clandestinely, cannot be called the God.

To quote one related incident, I and one of my friends visited Tirumala. On reaching the sanctum sanctorum, the Iyengar friend exalted: "Ivar oruthar than Bhagwan, theriyumolliyo?"

I gently answered:

"Inge iruppadhu verengum illai endral, inge iruppadhu engum irukkiradhu ennum kootru poi endrallavaa agi vidum?"

He was speechless.
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Pannvalan ji, what an answer. Me speechless too. God is everywhere. In all, all the time...

Abt the rest of your post, a lot of people these days are actually looking for material fulfillment...when one is not looking for material fulfillment, its hard to say how all this might be understood by him....in this age we have many people claiming to be many things..when such things are not verifiable, one simply moves on.

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Yes I too agree with Pannvalan

I never believe in human samiars like this, except shirdi sai ram and Kanchi maha periyava. Though I dont know much about Mr. Kalki, I simply say my opinion that I wont accept any white-dhotied or yellow-dhotied persons and all as gods. Iam true you can see the god, if you really serve to people who are needy. I dont know about vaishnva sampradaya of swayam acharyan. But, in saiva (smartha) also it is like that, god himself is a guru (Dakshinamoorthy). You can sit in front of him and chant any manthra thrice and complete your diksha. If you certainly think him as guru, thats enough. Don't believe these damaging bodies as gods. There are so many siddha purushas even now in the world. Can anyone show any? Because, it is like. It is athmanubuthi. So, they never explain this to others.
Personally i too feel that a guru is equal to a god.

There is divinity in each individual. So, am not inclined to contest the divinity aspect of Shri Kalki (as he is known by his followers). Also, it is upto each individual what each wishes to call himself or what others call them as. Me is a nobody to contest that.

Though the concept of oneness is all very nice...its just that what is offered by a guru might be different from what some seekers are looking for.

So many claims are made by the disciples, how to verify if its true or not..

But i think its better to move on than to try to verify things..

I think Shri Ganesh ji might be hurt to read some of the comments here. Hope he takes it in the right spirit.
Myself too had reposed faith for many years because of so many people pushing me up with this and that positive statements and hence kept my faith intact. In the process I had drained some very hard earned good money. Finally if our wishes/prayers do not fulfill they say recalling our karma which they ought to have mentioned [subject to .... etc etc] initially itself instead of assurances, promises. Any way now I realise that owing to karma only I had to spend. Otherwise why I was not cautious enough not to have spent my time and money intially itself.
And about paying money to have darshanof Lord is there at all popular temples [ otherwise on to has to wait long jostling in crowds for free darshan] Good example is at Tirumala. May be the temple authorities are exploiting..... In Kalki, of course, it was exorbitant.I don't know about now.
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I was in Chittoor district, when this man was on his ascent in 1996 at Ramakuppam on the AP - Tamilnadu border. Later on, he shifted his base to Nemam near Thirumazhisai in late 1990s.

A few years ago, he started constructing his ambitious world institution (university) of peace at Varadaiahpalem, near Srikalahasthi.

There is no dearth of funds and they have been trickling and pouring in from all parts of the world for this Rs.250 cr. project.

So many hundreds of youths have been attracted to his cult and their personal lives and careers stand ruined.

I am glad that people have started realising the truth of late.

Both my sisters were drawn to his organisation/movement in the hope of finding solutions for their personal problems. I was too critical of them and one day, I had this revelation:

"Nirupikkappatta sakthi,
adhu nalladho, kettadho edhuvayinum,
valiyach chendru adhanodu modhuvadhu
vun velai andru".

You know, from then on, unless I was drawn into a discussion or debate about him
at the instance of others, after observing long patience, I did not interfere in this topic. I think,
after a long wait, it is the right moment for me to intervene in this thread and present my ideas
and thoughts to others of the forum.

The previous post of mine carries the actual happenings that took place in my sisters'
houses, one after another.

Rest I leave it to the wisdom and judgement of the members of this forum.
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Thankyou for sharing the hyperlink Shri Venkataramani ji - what an eye opener.

Shri Pannvalan ji,

I think you have experienced and understood a lot more things surrounding this person than an average curious person.

Please do not wait to post or intervene in such matters. Thankyou for sharing the details. Hope what you have written will be an eye opener to everyone who reads it.

The only 'Bhagawan' of these times I know, lived in the basement of a temple and in caves, till he acqueised to His bhakthas requests to alight from the mountain and live in an ashram. He did not charge money for darshan. He participated in almost all the physical labour around the ashram. He discouraged even constructing any memorial buildings. His followers were not 'ruined' but are still being spiritually enriched without getting materially poor.

He is my one and only Bhagawan.

Pseudo Gurus, Baghavans and Preachers are doing more damage to our way of life than the rationalists.

I have listened to EVR's speeches in my younger days. I have read lot of books on rationalistic thinking by Dr.Abraham Kovoor's `Begone Godmen', `Gods, Demons and Spirits' etc. I earnestly feel that they are more honest than these type of pseudo spiritual people.

It is our duty to identify and isolate such people from the society.

All the best
let us not wastae our time in discussing about kalki or any such fradulent samiyars who calls themself bagavan or incarnation of god and swindles money for their own welfare from innocent belivers. let these people go to well run orphanages or old age homes and spend time and money to these helpless human beings and see real GOD. Their good wishes and blessings will get rid of all obstacles
I still revere and worship Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi. I relish his ever-green question 'Who am I?' and the contents of 'Ulladhu Narpadhu'.

When Paul Brunton visited Mahaperiyava and wanted to ask some questions to get his doubts (on Hinduism in general and spiritualism in particular) clarified, Mahaperiyava directed him to Thiruvannamalai, where Ramana Maharishi lived.

Paul Brunton very beautifully describes his meeting with Ramanar.

When Paul Brunton was sitting in front of Ramanar, Ramanar answered all his questions and queries through 'mounam'. It was a silent conversation, but full of great revelations that could be understood by only two persons - the Bhagwan and the foreign visitor. What a great event!
let us not wastae our time in discussing about kalki or any such fradulent samiyars who calls themself bagavan or incarnation of god and swindles money for their own welfare from innocent belivers. let these people go to well run orphanages or old age homes and spend time and money to these helpless human beings and see real GOD. Their good wishes and blessings will get rid of all obstacles

I fully agree with you that we should spend time in well run orphanges/other charitable organisations and spend out money & time for more noble cause.

However, we are duty bound to expose the misdeeds of the fraudulent Godmen. It is also service to the society since innocent public are not cheated.

All the best
These guys (so-called Kalki) come from nowhere, exploit the gullible people's belief in the epics and legends, impersonate the epic characters, explolt the desperation of the desperate and make hay. Beware of wolves who come in sheep's skin and deceive many!!! On what grounds does this fellow claim to be God? He was born like any of us and one day he will die like any of us. Will he be able to resurrect from his own death? My question to his disciples "What will you all do after this fellow's death? Whom will you seek counsel and guidance after his death? Whom will you worship?".
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Most of the followers of any cult for that matter firmly believe that their Guru, even if he/she dies like anyone of us, will revisit the Mother Earth, at an appropriate time.

Another explanation given is the life of the body he/she was residing has come to an end, but the Guru's soul is eternal and is still amidst us and will continue to grace us.

The second explanation is possible only in the cases of Mahaperiyava, Ramana Maharishi et al, who never made any lofty claims about their own personal self.

To put it in a different way, an Ethiopian Currency unit cannot fetch the same thing
what an Euro can.
Exactly Pannvalanji,

நிறை குடம் தழும்பாது

Water which is full in a vessel will not attempt to come out.

Paramacharya and Ramana Maharishi are no comparison to the self proclaimed avathars of God

All the best
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