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Introduce yourself here


Life is a dream
Staff member
A warm welcome to all new members...

Take a moment to introduce yourself to other members. Perhaps where you are from, Where you heard about TamilBrahmins.com and a little about yourself.

BUT, this is the Welcome thread,

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Enjoy your stay @ TamilBrahmins.com

-Tamilbrahmins.com team
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Anant Narayan Introduction

Briefly, my name is Anant narayan ( ammoose is my ID ). Born in Kerala and brought up in Bombay. Studied in S.I.E.S school and Ruia College. Worked forsome years as a mediacal Rep. and the due to the cofidence my parents had in me they sent to the USA. This despite the fact that we were living in a 2 room kitchen in Matunga. Got an MBA etc. Worked for an american pharma company etc. Now retired. Desperately searching for a varan for my second daughter [ age 34 ]well educated withan MS and an MBA from the USA etc.

namaskarangal pala

I am Rajendram Sundarachari SAMPATH.
Born and brought up in Kulitalai. erstwhile Tiruchi Dist.(presently attached to Karur) Did my schooling there andhigher education in Madras.
Joined Indian overseas Bank in 1975. Moved to Delhi in the year 1983. Retired from the services of Indian overseas bank as Senior Manager.I was also representing the interest of officers of the Bank as Asst.General Secretary of Indian Overseas Bank Officers' Association.

My wife is Ms. Vijaya Sampath and employed with Association of Indian Universities. Delhi

I have son and a daughter.



அனைவருக்கும் வணக்கமும், வாழ்த்துக்களும்.....நான் திருச்சியில்
வசிக்கிறேன்.....மரபு இசையில் அதிக நாட்டம் உண்டு...நான் கலைஞன் இல்லை..ஆயின் ஒரு பரம ரசிகன்....:director:....
முதன் முதலில் POST செய்கிறேன்.....அனுபவம் அதிகம் உள்ளவர்
என்னை வழி நடத்தவும்.....திருச்சி மோகன்
Learning Vedam from home is possible with so many CDs available. But it is not proper. Probably you may arrange for a vadhyar to come home and teach you. Otherwise it would be proper to go to a vadhyar and learn, preferably with a few more students.

K G Madhavan
Dear Fellow Tamil Brahmins,

I am very proud to be part of this forum. I come from a village near Vellore. I am a retired Army man, with a second career in an IT company. I am 67 years old. I have settled down in Hyderabad.

My wife and I spend our time mostly caring for sick and destitute animals. I was also the President of Blue Cross of Hyderabad for two years.

My other hobbies include reading and music.

I appreciate the efforts behind creating this forum and keeping it vibrant. I thank all those responsible for this.


Col. RGS

Dear RGS mama,
What is the name of the village? I hail from Kilnagar, a village between Vellore and Arni, about 25 kms from vellore.

K G Madhavan
I am a retired official from a PSU.I am glad to know that there is an exclusive web site for the Brahmin community which I came across by chance while browsing the internet.I am happy that I am a part of the tamilbrahmins.com.
Namaskarams to all members.

I am a retired person and have been visiting the site off and on as a guest. The website is unique and refreshing. I wish to congratulate the organisors and all participants who contribute to the posts for the excellent achievement. I am from Mumbai.

Seeing the various posts which are very interesting and with good content I am afraid I may not be able to contribute by way of good posts. All the same I hope to make some posts in the future.
Hi Good Evening Everbody.

I am proud to be here in our comunity people and I personaaly thank TamilBrahmins.com tean for their effort to connecting our community around the world.

I am retired engineer residing in Chennai.I am already a member of *******.I came to know about this website from a friend. I t is excellent. But, I feel it could be made user-friendly.For eg., for posting this message, I had to search your website for some time. Even now, I am not sure whether this is the correct location, for an introduction.


My name is shankar and i am working in Gulf. Eventhough i have joined this site quite some time back, i could not post any comments earlier. I think this is a very useful site for brahmins particularly younger ones to know more about our community. I will definitely share whatever information that i know to this forum.

All the very best to the Tamil Brahmins website team. God Bless us all.


i am ravi and wondering how to perform avaniavittam for samaveda tomorrow without vathiyar
i got into this site now and i am pleased
i will be in touch with you all again

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