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Inspirational songs...

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Respectable members,

This is a very wide open topic. One may have many songs inspired him/her in a given situation; or just general inspiration in social, religious awarness; or can just be art related. Some of the songs may remind events in the past...

I was a teen-ager. I already chose to study a trade...I saw all my school/class mates chose various fields for their career...I never had a proper guide....I was frightened about the future; worried about my career prospects; I was quite unsure about what I was doing; I was even suggested by few others to give up trade studies....one gentleman (well meaning NB) even suggested I might not succeed as a 'brahmin boy'....

That was the period I heard this song....That song was kind of chiseled in my mind....It gives me strength even today....Kannadasan the great, inspiring poet.....

ஆரம்பத்தில் பிறப்பும் உன் கையில் இல்லை
அடுத்தடுத்த நடப்பும் உன் கையில் இல்லை..

பாதை வகுத்த பின்பு பயந்தென்ன லாபம்?
பயணம் செய்துவிடு ..மாறிடும் பாவம்..

நாளை பொழுது என்றும் நமக்கென வாழ்க
அதை நடத்த ஒருவன் உண்டு கோவிலில் காண்க

வேளை பிறக்கும் என்று நம்பிக்கை கொள்க
எந்த வேதனையும் மாறும் மேகத்தை போல...

YouTube - Ezhu Swarangal - Apoorva Raagangal

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Its a super song. I get goose bumps whenever I hear it. Its awesome.
Respectable members,

Greetings. Kannadasan was a legend. I just love many of his songs. Some of the great songs were not even given the proper back ground proper music it deserved. The following is one such great song. This is an inspirational song for me, from the movie 'Vettaikaran'....

Raaga Jukebox

Respectable members,

Greetings. When I was a kid, I believed India was very powerful country; the best in the world..........well, I still believe that. Nothing can be better than my mother couuntry. That is understandable.

But, whenever we sit for dinner together (don't happen regularly though; it happened tonight), our children always have questions about Hindu culture, Indian history..generally about India. My daughter is born in Australia; for her, understandably, Australia is the mother country.....I was mentioning about the following song and Bharathi to my daughter.....

YouTube - Velli Panimalayin Meedhulavuvom - Kappallotiya Tamizhan

Dear Mr. Raghy!

It is nice to see you back in circulation! :)

Back with bang !!! :moony:


back with a song??? :sing:

with warm regards,
Sow. Visalkshi Ramani,

Greetings. Thanks for your greetings. I just came back with a song I think. There is no bang in that though.....

But, if you like, I could come back with a song that is a bang! This song is an inspirational song too! Very fitting for this thread....very popular song too! (look at the number of views!)

YouTube - Queen - 'We Will Rock You'

(That is a song with a bang!).

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I am putting this song here cos i dont want to start a new thread for Lord Ganesh.

Sung by Sonu Nigam:

YouTube - New Ganesha Bhajan by Sonu Nigam ( Sharanam Prapadye ) ( Sacred prayer for Harmony )

Lasantam hi suklendu kantam prasannam
Ganesha namah karam madya swarupam
Chidanand santa swarupam paresam
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye

Lakh divya sanstradi hastesu nityam
Lakh divya sanstradi hastesu nityam
Sada tatparo bhakta dhukham chahartum
Prasidhah sada saumya kasisaputrah
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye

Gajashye sada bhasamanam prasannam
Gajashye sada bhasamanam prasannam
Vahanchantakarenyam bhabaudham aarsham
Puranadisashtresu yadywarnitau bei
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye

Ganesham gunesham suresham paresham
Sada shantamudram prasannam sunetram
Jagadwashtubhasam chidatma swarupam
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye

Vasacchandrabimbam sada yasya murdhirni
Vasacchandrabimbam sada yasya murdhirni
Vahanti sada janhawi sa samipa
Ubhe yasya sadgatya sada santarupe
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye
Tam saumya rupam sharanam prapadye.

Greetings. Nice songs! I am happy to see your post. It is great to see your participation again.

Dear Raghy Sir!

Could get the video!! Sorry Sir! I could not view it for more than a few seconds!!

Different wave length!!

But I loved the songs loaded by Smt. Renu. Should thank her!

Raji Ram :cool:
Dear Renu,

Thanks for the enchanting bhajan links given by you! Adore them... Thanks again.

Raji Ram
Dear Raji,

U are going to love this:

YouTube - tulasi song

I put the lyrics here and the meaning cos its in Bengali..so we need to know meaning...

Sri Tulasi Kirtana
namo namaḥ tulasī kṛṣṇa-preyasi namo namaḥ
rādhā-kṛṣṇa-sevā pābo ei abilāṣī
ye tomāra śaraṇa loy, tara vāñchā pūrṇa hoy
kṛpā kori’ koro tāre vṛndāvana-vāsi
mora ei abhilāṣa, vilāsa kuñje dio vāsa
nayana heribo sadā yugala-rūpa-rāśi
ei nivedana dhara, sakhīra anugata koro
sevā-adhikāra diye koro nīja dāsī
dīna kṛṣṇa-dāse koy, ei yena mora hoy
śrī-rādhā-govinda-preme sadā yena bhāsi

(1) O Tulasé, beloved of Kåñëa, I bow before you again and again. My desire is to obtain the service of Çré Çré Rädhä and Kåñëa.
(2) Whoever takes shelter of you has his wishes fulfilled. Bestowing your mercy on him, you make him a resident of Våndävana.
(3) My desire is that you will also give me a residence in the pleasure groves of Çré Våndävana-dhäma. Thus within my vision I will always behold the beautiful pastimes of Rädhä and Kåñëa.
(4) I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja. Please give me the privilege of devotional service and make me your own maidservant.
Dear Renu,

Thanks a lot for the lovely video songs! And for the lyrics with meanings... Loved them.

You got my correct wave length!!! :thumb:

Raji Ram :clap2:
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