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Hinduism .. a write up

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As long as one just wants to experience one does not have to comprehend. Blissful experience in fact transcends comprehension.


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The bane of this world is neither the guru/preceptor/preacher/philosopher nor the material scientists who go about trying to make the world a better place for all the inhabitants by bringing in their knowledge to bear its impact.

But there is a whole genre of "RENDUN KETTANs" who just because of their social position (mostly assumed) and sometimes certified by societal institutions like universities by award of degrees/docotrates etc take it upon themselves that they are the newly arrived on-the-scene Messiahs and the whole burden of enlightening the otherwise ignorant masses has fallen upon them.

Neither the preacher nor the scientists (of repute - unlike the gladiators of new messiah variety) wade into unfamiliar territory which is not their domain area. But these email bearing otherwise unknown entities of gladiators seamlessly move back and forth between their areas of competence and the area of their ignorance and start to spread the "gyAn" and start proving that the wheel is round all over again.

They cant be shoddy in their sphere of knowledge or vocation because they would be called out by their peers pronto, so they prey upon the docile and well behaved forums to propagate their wisdom. They would very much prefer their SisyAs not to demur too much when they spin out their fancy theories. But an interactive forum will throw up challenges to their pet theories, because a forum is different from the writer's blog.

In their quest to be admitted as an authority (and secretly admiring such an honour) on the subjects in which their knowledge is barely passable, they give tonnes and tonnes of metaphors and similies quite asinine at that and make it appear that the whole world is just nails and they are the ones who are provided with the magical hammer which can hammer the truth (devoid of false notions lol) and make the world a better place.

If the world is to make progress with the least impediment, a mechanism has to be found for quarantining these well meaning but intellectually bogus wannabe preachers from letting loose their verbiage on the unsuspecting public at large, who are generally taken in by their (the wannabes') accomplishments in their specialized spheres.

Putting posts from such wannabes in ignore mode is an option, but one can not be immune from death shattering decibels by just stuffing one's ears with mere cotton.
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Janaki Jambunathan

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But an interactive forum will throw up challenges to their pet theories, because a forum is different from the writer's blog. (#104)

I really want it to be so

But very few raise questions - Prefer சரணாகதி as ultimate wisdom instead ! When questions are asked you may be advised to go to Chidambaram !

This is the answer when I ask a question

It is better to learn the hard way than to ask questions and get answers here. நோகாமல் நுங்கு தின்ன முயல்வது உடம்புக்குக் கேடு.
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