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hindu religious practices...for bramins and hindu nonbramins

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hindu religious practices eg .,samskaras and poojas are well codified for bramins....they are doing faithfully thro trained vadyars and pundits from patasalas.

1.for hindu nonbramins what are the rituals prescribed.
2.who helps/guides NBs in rituals.
3.is there any school like patasalas to train nonbramin purohits.
4.what mantras bramins follow in nonbramin functions.
5.as bramins we have a responsibility to guide all hindus.
6.97 percent of temple visitors are NBs.
7.nowadays there is a big talk about tamil usage instead of mantras by NBs.many nonbramins do it with mixed feelings.
8.we have a responsibility to guide all hindus.
i wish all members to take active part in this topic.

i would like to know how to conduct normal pooja and naivedyam at home. what are the mantras to say before starrting vishnu/lalitha shasranama archanai or parayanam and other basic daily pooja procedures.
please advice
sankarkrishna;23858...on hindu religious practices..by GPS


i would like to know how to conduct normal pooja and naivedyam at home. what are the mantras to say before starrting vishnu/lalitha shasranama archanai or parayanam and other basic daily pooja procedures.
please advice

Thanks Sankarkrishna!
1.I welcome your Question on performing a pooja.
2.thank you.
3.I will compile all data and come out with common procedure.
4.I wish many people take active part.
Hindu religious practices.GPS

Sankarkrishna has just entered in this topic.
his Question is how to conduct pooja.
many members know the answers also.
i request other participants to actively invole so that we will have a common code.
There are several practices among our community itself. If you see `Kannappa Nayanar Charithram', probably you will get answer. He was able to satisfy Lord Shiva.

If you read the story of Sridhara Ayyaval of Tiruvisanallur which happened approximately 300 years back, again his practice was approved by God, whereas most of the members of our community will not approve of it.

I earnestly feel that sincerity and devotion is more important than practices. It doesn't mean I am against the custom and/or practices. I also follow the traditions and customs followed by my parents
Religious practices..GPS..RVs reply.

R.Venkataramanis reply mail is well appreciated.
All of us are aware of variations as sampradayas and RV has agreed to respect his family tradition thro his father.
I am refering to common practices ...learning and practicing.
The teacher/vadyar knows to guide people accordingly.
Religious practices..GPS..RVs reply...reply by GPS

I am restricting my discussion to Teaching Religious Practices as a job oriented course to all eligible hindus.
of late lot of money is pouring in this area with no trained personel to guide.
Its time we look into this area.
Grihastas should not be allowed to be cheated by untrained half baked so called punditds/priests/vadyars.
Every practicing priest should be given the oppertunity to learn the approved practice thro a certified course.
Every grihasta has the right to know the authenticity of knowledge of the priest who comes to serve him.
Now samsaris are not happy over the religious practices performed by priests .
We are contradicting a lot . We are supposed to know the mantras
and we leave them and go for earning (that doesn"t mean this practice
is blamed) . For whose fault we donot know we have deviated from
dharma by going to other profession . It may be that times have
changed and we are forced by events of the materially developing
world. Since we are not knowing the practices we are calling a
priest to perform even among Brahmins . We cannot judge whether the
vadyar is right or not . We can correct an answer paper if
we could know the answer.

We can engage ourself good pandits instead of fake pandits.
Still non-brahmins believe we are the best for poojaas.
We must live upto the expectation of the society for which we
all need to be trained. We are not to blame anybody. We are
in a sorry state of affair.

Rituals always subjected to changes since they are framed
for our convenient practices.
Last edited:
religious practices..GPS..Akuras reply.

nice to see Akuras reply.
I restrict my topic only to teaching the existing accepted religious practices thro a school ,conduct exams ,issue certificate to make the learned eligible to practice.
grihastas can perform their samskaras/practices with confidence from these certified people in future.
I am not entering into patasalas.
The grihya sutras are applicable to all Hindus.As per rules Bramhins,Kshatriyas and Vaisyas can learn Cedas,But only thr first can use it chant it and teack/The rituals for all Hindus as per the sutras are the same.For NBs bramhin Priesys officite and dothe neefull
Combining formal school education along with veda adhyanam will benefit the prospective students most. Simple veda patasala type education is like madarasa type education for muslims. May be it will take few more years than the normal patasala type learning. But it is worth for the student community.

Not only people who want to practice as `Purohit' but even lot of general students will join the course. Once more people learn, purohits cannot take us for granted.
We are not going to veda adyayanam side which is governed by patasalas.
I restrict only to practicing religion.
grihastas need a trained/knowledgable/eligible person to do religious services in their houses over a payment...nothing wrong.
Both get benefit here.
To do this teaching of PRAYOGAM is enough.!
We can frame syllabus accordingly.
R.vENKATARAMANIS Suggestion is very nice.
ours is at practical level only.
Just like different paramedical courses as lab technician/xray/assts/paramaedics...
who are taught/examined/certified for a job [for which Big medical subjects like anatomy/surgery are not needed] here also we will not introduce vedas to them which is not in Prayogam.
we need a simple asst religious practioner at grihasta level.
for this Prayoga training center in necessary.
Trained people can perform simple poojas/amavasai tarpan and simple riuals needed by grihastas where in Vadyars are not willing to provide help.
religious practices..Training center

Can we have study centres/learning centres for these in different part of the city, where people can learn these during week ends.

I welcome T.S.Rajan ganeshs good gesture!
Yes , we can.
Let us form a committee,discuss,frame syllabus,study centers,identify willing teachers,students,duration of courses,fix exam dates,conduct exams..theory,practical,viva voce,grade,issue certificates,find placement,jobs,give additional training as hindu religious business management to effectively transfer goods to community.
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