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Here and there, everywhere

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Splash - stunning shot
Clark Little/SWNS


Red mysterious shot
Clark Little/SWNS


Break - wave crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS


Beauty - water drops
Clark Little/
This shot is his favorite.

With a high shutter speed he caught the brilliant fanned effect of two waves intersecting each other and throwing out this beautiful fan of water.
Dear Members and Friends

Does anyone else get to see the images in the above posts? All I get to see is the 'X' marks and when I click on them nothing comes up!!

I also wonder why very BOLD and BIG FONTS are being used? Can some veterans tell that it does not look good and is not necessary!

Kind regards
Dear Friends,

This is something the forum administrators to answer. After posting the above stuff I checked and rechecked the contents. The pictures were there. I can't understand the sudden disappearance of the same. I took enough care in posting four images per post.

....This is something the forum administrators to answer. After posting the above stuff I checked and rechecked the contents. The pictures were there.
SI, I am not sure, but the URL seems to be pointing to your e-mail account. This would explain it being available to you but not to others.


You may want to give the URL from the site where these photos are posted, or upload them here.

Shri Sangomji,

I agree that these laws of Physics, mechanical and economics end up with a specified result anywhere ( with a twist that if the other factors remain constant). But the radical class disagree to agree with a certain point that anything needs a operational force to monitor. The satellites sent into orbit with different tasks or remotely controlled by our human brains.And here the destiny or life span of the satellite is decided by our humans only. Then who controls the human brain and destiny? If it is controlled only by Nature's laws, every one should think in the same way. If there is no thinking and reasoning power behind Nature's laws then every species should die at the same age or time gap after its birth. Who decides the end? could the creators of cloning decide the lifespan of the created species? For that matter nothing is and can be created by humans which doesn't exist in Nature. Based on these things I can confidently say that GOD is the power behind this Universe.


Shri Soma,

The problem seems to me to be your concept of God just like the human intellect, as is evident from the examples cited by you (satellite control,cloning, etc.). But you will agree that the human brains at the satellite control centres, cloning laboratories, etc., were produced by two other human beings, who, in turn were each produced by one apir each and so on, ad infinitum. This is known as "infinite regress".

"Infinite regress in consciousness is the formation of an infinite series of "inner observers" as we ask the question of who is observing the output of the neural correlates of consciousness in the study of subjective consciousness."(Infinite regress - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Is it not, therefore, more plausible to assume that the power behind the universe is just that - some power which we don't know yet, rather than a "thinking and reasoning power a la human intellect?

Note:As the images were not visible in the earlier post i re-posted the same.

The Waves of

Waimea Bay shore-break surfing pioneer, husband, and father of two, Clark Little has gained nationwide recognition for his photography with appearances on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and many local news stations across the U.S.

Clark Little on Good Morning America (2009):

It all started in 2007 when Clark 's wife wanted a nice piece of art to decorate a wall.

Voluntarily, Clark grabbed a camera, jumped in the water, and starting snapping away capturing the beauty and power of monstrous Hawaiian waves from the inside out.

" Clark 's view" is a unique view of the ocean that most will
Be able to experience safely on land while studying one of Clark 's photos.

Now with a camera upgrade and an itch to get that better shot, Clark has taken this on full time and has moved his office from land, to the inside of a barrel.

Since the recent stir of Clark 's work, his images have been run
On the Today Show, ABC World News Now, Nature's Best Photography, Paris Match (France), La Vie (France), Hana Hou (Hawaiian Airlines) magazine, Surfer magazine, Surfer's Journal
As well as multiple publishers and newspapers in the U.S. And overseas.

These incredible images of waves in the Hawaiian Islands were taken by Clark Little, the number one photographer of surf.

He is dedicated to photographing the waves and has published a selection of his best images.
He captures magical moments inside the tube as surfers say.

Sun glints off wave
Clark Little/SWNS

Sand in surf
Clark Little/SWNS
This shot captures sand from the ocean's floor being swept up by a monstrous wave and resembles a sandstorm.
Little calls it the Sandmonster.
There were clouds of sand ten feet high and I'm standing there.
I'm holding on to my camera and my trigger as long as I can.
Then I have to jump into the cloud of sand to try to get out of danger's way.

His fans pay as much as $4,000 for his gorgeous photos.

Tubular shining
Clark Little/SWNS

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Beach - surf crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS

Molten liquid gold
Clark Little/SWNS

White tumultuous water
Clark Little/

Splash - stunning shot
Clark Little/SWNS

Red mysterious shot
Clark Little/SWNS

Break - wave crashes down
Clark Little/SWNS

Beauty - water drops
Clark Little/
This shot is his favorite.With a high shutter speed he caught the brilliant fanned effect of two waves intersecting each other and throwing out this beautiful fan of water

An old forwarded mail in my inbox reads like this.

Fascinating facts.

1. A hill by name "AYERS ROCK" in South Australia changes its colour everyday and in every season.
2. A peculiar animal called "CUTTLE FISH" has three hearts.
3. A bat named "VAMPIRE BAT" feeds on blood.
4. A rat called "KANGAROO RAT" never drinks water in its life.
5. Certain peculiar type of bugs called "BACK SWIMMERS" swim upside down.
6. A peculiar species of sea fish called "CAT FISH" keeps its eggs in its mouth.
7. A lizard namely "HORNED TOAD" squirts blood from its eyes.
8. A family of mammals called "SLOTHS" spend their lives upside down.
9. The largest flying bird is the "AFRICAN OSTRICH" which weighs 133 kilograms.
Superb Definitions

Definitions adding to the fun! may be a repeat !

Wonderfully described definitions.......

A pinch of tobacco
rolled in paper
with fire at one end
and a fool at the other!


It's an agreement
a man loses his bachelor degree
and a woman gains her master


An art of transmitting Information
from the notes of the lecturer
to the notes of students
without passing through the minds
of either


The art of dividing
a cake in such a way that
everybody believes
he got the biggest piece


The hydraulic force by which
masculine will power is
defeated by feminine water-power!


A place where divorce comes
before marriage


A place where everybody talks,
nobody listens
and everybody disagrees later on

A feeling when you feel
you are going to feel
a feeling
you have never felt before


A book
which people praise,
but never read


A curve
that can set
a lot of things straight!


A place
where you can relax
after your strenuous
home life
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