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Hemamalini's bold action to thwart unethical misuse

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So sad to see Hemamalini dragged into controversy. Hope the lady manages to keep herself away from controversies in future. Any lady would hope that her man divorces the first wife and then marries her legally. Alas in her case Dharam Garam was very Naram and did not divorce his first wife (hence the fake conversion into islam to give her the position of an officially married wife. Seen from a personal pov there is nothing wrong with this). Wish she had not commented on MF Husain though. It would feel nice to see artists respecting other artists. Art has no religion, class, caste, creed, and knows no time, social norms, boundries....
I went to another one yesterday and it was a lovely mix of 3 Tamil songs, 3 Telugu and 2 Kannada. The SL here are very proud to get their kids to learn Carnatic music from a young age just like Tbs and Telugus (of whatever caste). I'm not sure why for Indian Tamils who are not Brahmins, Carnatic music is not viewed the same way. When i tell SL people this, they are amazed!
Amala dear,

I feel the telugu speakers do not have a well developed folk arts scenario which the tamilians have. Which is why possibly telugu NBs folk towards carnatic music.

Ofcourse there are some folk plays like bommalattam and all but not widespread like say kolattam or karagattam, and not as well developed as say yakshagana.

Also telugu NBs have been very involved in development of carnatic music (example raghunatha nayaka of tanjore created new ragas, talas and wrote sangeetha sudha and way back the pallava mahendravarma contributed to carnatic sangeetham this way)

The tamilians on the other hand have a diverse, rich and well developed folk arts scenario. They have preserved it well also.

Btw, finished reading thru this whole thread just now. Interesting must say....

though the roots of carnatic music and bharatha natyam are strong in tamil nadu, and till 60 years ago before brahmin girls started taking it up and thus bestowing 'respectability' to what was erstwhile a temple and devadasi art, from what little i know, there are few takers of those arts among NBs.

not sure if this is due to viewing carnatic music or bharatanatyam as 'brahmin' centred arts, or due to lack of patronage by their respective societies, or the lack of opportunities for performance offered by brahmin dominated sabhas. maybe a little of each?

considering that tambrams are a miniscule percentage of tamils, we still dominate the scene for bharatanatyam and carnatic music. this is not a good thing for long term popularization of our classical arts.

also, i think, the folk arts like karagam, therukoothu, villuppattu etc were dying for want of patronage and lack of interest on the part of the younger generation.

the dmk government made some progress in giving official recognition to these arts, bestowing kalamamani and other state honours to the practitioners, providing pension for the indigent aged artists and having annual festivals like the sangamam.

MK also provided succour to the ageing but poverty stricken writers and their kin, by 'nationalizing' their works and providing a good decent remuneration. barring vali or vairamuthu, most of our poets and writers too live in poverty, many forced to seek work as restuarant help, as one whom i met in chennai recently while having tiffin in one of the more famous hotel chains. :(

now with J at the helm, and vendetta politics at play, i guess we are set for a decline of state patronage.
Kunjappu Sir - I have a doubt that as he encouraged Karakam, Therukoothu, Villupaattu, he could have participated in Bharathanatyam, Carnatic programmes which could have caught up with other people. If my memory is right he has had some connection with the world of music. When a prostitute asked a Sanakaracharya whether he was Sanyasi (as he refused to visit her house), he changed and went to her house. MK, unlike Anna, has always refused to see good things in life. In J he has a match. இரண்டுபேருமே ஆண்டவர்கள் தானே. God save them both.
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