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Guru upAkhyAnam (Tales about Gurus)

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Veda, VedAnta rakShaka
author:....... K,Chandrasekara gaNapAThigaL M.A., NyAya-VedAnta ShiromaNi, Tirupati
compiler:..... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
source:....... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol.2, page 264-266
publisher:.... VAnathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)
type:......... book, Tamil

shrI MahAPeriyavAL in (this) Kaliyugam, is doing his anugraha--divine favour/blessings, shining as an avatAra puruSha and a Kaliyuga Deivam. For my tagappanAr--father, there is no deivam--deity, other than shrI PeriyavAL. Which was why, going by shrI PeriyavAL's upanyAsam--speech, he did-arpaNam of--dedicated, to the Vedas, the three sahodaras--uterine brothers, in our kuTumbam--family (myself, my tamaiyan--elder brother, my tambi--younger brother). He gave my sahodarI--uterine sister, in kanyAdAnam--marriage, to one who had done veda-adhyayana--study of Vedas. In the same way, for me and my tamayan, he performed a similar kannikA-vivAham--marriage of a spinster, (from Vedic families).

During the time I did veda-adhyayanam, if we had the occasion of two or three days holidays, our teacher would send me and my saka-vidyArtin--classmate, asking us to have pArAyaNam--chanting, done in the presence of shrI PeriyavAL. On that saMdarbham--occasion, the manner shrI PeriyavAL inquiring us--"how are the AhAra anukUla--food facilities?"--would be alAti--(Tamizh) special. During the times shrI MahAPeriyavAL did saMchAra--wander about, of the villages near KAnchIpuram, and KArvet Nagar, Bukkai, RAmagiri (all in Andhra Pradesh), I have experienced it staying with him.

He did me anugraham--favour, by sending me to study Tarka ShAstra (NyAya) under brahmashrI GODA SubrahmaNya ShAstrigaL, a parama-shAnta-svarUpin--very embodiment of peace, when he was teaching the shAstra at MantrAlayam.

Only later, after having applied for the vedapArAyaNa sthAnam--position of Vedic chanting, at Tirupati and passed the related test with shrI PeriyavAL's anugraham, I went for his darshan to seek permission (to take up the job). In way that I did not expect, he gave immediate permission and sent me, handing over a tAmarai puShpam--lotus flower, in my hand, and saying, "Do your udyogam--job work, without any shAstra-virodham--scriptural contradiction. If any such shAstra-virodham arises, resign your udyogam and come back to me. I shall do-rakShaNam of--take care of, you."

Where I did my Veda adhyayana--training in the Vedas, was only at the VedapAThashAla--Vedic school, of shrI PeriyavAL's at Chinna KAnchIpuram. At the time I was doing my adhyayanam, there were no proper food facilities for the vidyArtins--pupils. Therefore, he ordered that every bhakta--devotee, should on the day of their own janma-nakShatra on each month, should prepare bhakShaNas--snacks, show them to him and then distribute them among the pupils of the VedapAThashAla. Accordingly, when the vidyArtins--pupils, came for his darshan, he would inquire with care, "Who are the people who gave you bakShaNams prepared by them today?" It sweetens the memory to think even today, the manner of his inquiry: "Did this man bring you snacks?", mentioning the name of the devotee.

We need not go to shrI PeriyavAL with any special efforts of having darshan of him. The moment we do Veda ghoShaNam--loud chanting of the Vedas, he would on his own come to give us darshan. In orther words, you would only be reminded of the vachanam--saying, "mantrAdInAM tu daivatam--the deity is bound by the mantra".

Once he comes to know that people are doing VedapArAyaNam, he would come to that place to give darshan!

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